5 Ways to Achieve Peak Team Effectiveness

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No matter where in the world you work, or what industry you’re working in, you’ll find that one thing remains constant: we all need to rely on the skills, experience, and willingness of the other people around us. Team effectiveness is a vital aspect of all manner of jobs, yet it’s one of those things which all too many people seem to talk about, without perhaps fully understanding what it involves, and how to assess, manage, and improve it.

One of the reasons for this is possibly due to the fact that team effectiveness is defined differently by each individual team. There’s nothing wrong with this; after all, every team is different, and has its own dynamic, it’s own strengths and weaknesses, and it’s own vision for what effectiveness and success looks like. However, all teams have the potential to improve their efficacy and the way they work together. By following a team effectiveness model, carrying out a team effectiveness assessment, or by involving your team in activities, away days, and team-building exercises, we can all easily make positive differences which bring about real results. 

Here at Eventwise, we care about making sure every team is working to its full potential. That’s why we come up with exciting new team-building activities and fun events which bring people together, open up channels of communication, and identify skills which can take the team forward. Over the years, we’ve really honed our abilities to bring out the best in the teams we work with, and we’ve seen first-hand, time after time, how the right activities can improve team effectiveness by a considerable amount. Before we get stuck into looking at some top-notch activities that your company can undertake, let’s take a closer look the concept, and identify what it actually means.

So, What Exactly Is Team Effectiveness?

You’re not going to get very far with your team effectiveness assessment or following team effectiveness models without first nailing down what it actually is. As mentioned, every company has their own vision and definition of this concept… but we reckon we’ve got a nice definition which can fit every size. 

Team effectiveness is the capacity
that a group of individuals possesses
to accomplish their shared goals
and individual objectives.

That’s a fairly neat definition for you, but in order to understand how that works in practice, we need to look at the factors which influence the effectiveness of your team. These include:

  • Access to resources
  • Social interactions between team members
  • Clarity of responsibilities, and individual understanding of each member’s role
  • Identification of the group’s purpose and goals
  • The commitment of each team member to those goals
  • The ability to collaborate, resolve conflicts, and understand each member’s function in the team

In order for teams to work together effectively, each of these factors needs to be kept in mind, and constantly assessed and improved. Furthermore, there needs to be a deep understanding of the dual nature of all teams: on the one hand, a team is a group of people who share a goal. On the other, a team is made up of individual members, each of whom has their own goals, their own responsibilities, and their own strengths and weaknesses.

This is the kind of thing that our team at Eventwise has to keep in mind at all times, and it’s what informs our activities and games when we’re coming up with new ideas. Today, we’re going to be presenting you with five fantastic activities designed to bring about peak team effectiveness, which work by getting teams to pull together to achieve their shared goal, while also focusing on individual skills, talents, and input. Give them a try with your teams, and see for yourself just how much of a difference they can make!


Making a movie is perhaps the ultimate team-based task. With a wide array of essential roles and team players (think directors, actors, props makers, wardrobe assistants, and more besides!), it’s a mammoth task which requires everyone to be paddling in the same direction.

In this team-building exercise, we get our participants to choose a favourite scene from a much-loved movie (think Indiana Jones stealing the golden idol from Raiders of the Lost Ark, the chest-busting shocker in Alien, or the ‘king of the world!’ moment in Titanic…), and recreate it to the best of their abilities. Each team has to assign a director, a camera operator, a star, the extras, the wardrobe manager and many more roles, and then it’s time for rehearsals and shooting! It’s a whole lot of fun, and a fantastic way to work with individual strengths and a shared vision. What’s more, you get the satisfaction of seeing the final production, and basking in the enjoyment of a job well done!
ipad, keyboard, film clapper

Interactive Meetings

Event success comes from open communication, team member’s individual insights, and everybody having their voice and opinions heard. Interactive meetings is a new end-to-end tool for conference engagement, which uses cutting edge and innovative tech to unlock ideas and provide insight, with the end goal being to captivate the engagement and enjoyment of delegates. 

This specialist app allows you to communicate with delegates, and get their creativity flowing in regards to an upcoming conference or event. Using five carefully curated questions, it taps into each individual’s opinions, and gathers feedback in an efficient and effective manner. You also have the option to customise the questions, and even include a motivating video message from the MD. It’s the kind of energiser that generates a real sense of positivity and optimism, and sets the scene for a team that can work well together, share their thoughts, their concerns, their hopes, and all their ideas… and it’s likely to trigger plenty of laughter and good vibes, too!

threee people with cmputers

Crystal Challenge

Readers of a certain generation will have very fond memories of Richard O’Brien guiding teams through the Aztec Zone (wasn’t that always the best one?) on this classic TV challenge show. We’ve successfully recreated all the thrills of this iconic piece of pop culture entertainment… and there’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that this is a fantastic way to build optimal team effectiveness, and have a whole lot of nostalgic fun in the process!

Your team will have to pool their skills, talents, and resources to overcome obstacles, get through knowledge-based games, work on trust exercises, and use spatial awareness, delegation, and leadership in order to get those coveted crystals. It’s a one-stop shop for team effectiveness activities, and by the time you get to the finale in the crystal dome, you’ll be working together like clockwork, and sharing each other’s successes.

The Ultimate Challenge Game Show

Everyone loves a gameshow, right? They’re a key part of our cultural identity, and a regular teatime treat that we can all settle down in front of the telly to enjoy. We’ve taken the best bits of all your favourite Saturday night classics - a bit of The Generation Game, a touch of Play Your Cards Right, a smattering of Celebrity Juice - and have combined them to create something totally unique, and truly spectacular!

By trimming away all the boring bits, and sticking with just the highlights, the team at Eventwise have come up with a team-building away day that’s bags of fun, and involves a whole range of team and individual skills. You’ll have to pit your wits against the clock, get stuck into some fun challenges, and use your general knowledge to the max in order to win points… and what do points win? Prizes! This team effectiveness activity helps identify different skills, and involves a whole load of fun to bring out the best in each individual team member, promising a day you’ll never forget!

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Escape Rooms

If you and your team members grew up playing classic point and click video games, you’ll already be familiar with the concept behind escape rooms. Your team is locked into a themed space (we’ve got a Mad Scientist one, a Jail Break challenge, and a WWII bunker), and you’ve got just sixty minutes to solve clues, work together to overcome obstacles, and use your skills and abilities to break free! 

The clock is ticking and the pressure’s on… and you’ll only be able to claim your freedom by communicating openly, making the most of your individual talents, using your problem-solving abilities, and working as a team. It’s great fun, and is massively effective as a team exercise that’s as rewarding as it is challenging.

escape room

Team Effectiveness Activities that Make a Lasting Difference

Your team is made up of individuals, each with their own strengths, weaknesses, and unique sets of skills and abilities. We believe that with the right games, challenges, and team effectiveness models, we can bring out the best in each individual team member, and make your team considerably stronger as a result. With plenty of fun to be had along the way, lots of laughter, and some innovative technology and approaches, it’s truly incredible what can be achieved.

At Eventwise, we’re constantly experimenting, innovating, and working hard to come up with activities, away days, and challenges which have a clear goal in mind: to improve teamwork, and make a real difference to workplaces up and down the country. If you’re keen to get involved and want to see what Eventwise can do for your workplace, don’t hesitate to get in touch today - we’re sure we’ve got the perfect solution for you!