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7 Unparalleled Corporate Activity Days Ideas

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Nothing boosts morale and improves communication, team working, and collaboration quite like corporate activity days. By taking your team out of the office and enjoying a company activity day together as a single, positive, unified collective, you are not only showing your team how much you appreciate their hard work and effort, you’re also investing in them as individual workers and a group of colleagues as a whole.

Whether you choose to opt for outdoor activity days, or go for something simple and in-house, there is a huge range of different corporate activity days to choose from and enjoy. Here at Eventwise, we’ve been organising company activity days and events for years, and have seen an incredible array of options which really do make a difference when it comes to promoting morale, and enabling teams to work together more closely and effectively.

As always, we’re keen to share our best ideas and suggestions with you, and find a variety of different corporate activity days which work for teams regardless of industry, scale, or location. We’ve picked out seven of our all-time favourite team building exercises and ideas, each of which have been chosen for their ability to bring people together, do away with office hierarchies for the day, and promote motivation, self-belief, and fantastic team spirit.


1# Cookery Days

Cooking competitions are hot right now. With a slew of exciting TV shows based on people pitting their culinary skills against each other, this activity day really manages to tap into the zeitgeist and encourage your team members to show off their creativity, and have a great time while doing so. The other key benefit? You get to enjoy each other’s kitchen creations once the day is done!

The great thing about cook-offs is that they require so many key team working skills: leadership, following careful instructions, and assigning roles based on each other’s skills and abilities. The most effective way of doing this kind of activity is to split your staff into small kitchen teams (usually three or four in each time is sufficient… after all, you know what they say about too many cooks!), and set each team a challenging dish or series of dishes to cook.

Not keen on making it into a contest? There are plenty of fantastic cookery classes and workshops available, which suit every kind of amateur chef and are sure to leave you with tasty treats you’ll remember for months to come! Check out our amazing sushi making class, doughnut workshop, and cook and dine events to find out more!

2# Successopoly

Who doesn’t love board games? There’s a real nostalgic thrill about revisiting classic board games from your staff members’ childhood years, and there is also an incredible range of modern board games to explore, too.

However, if you’re looking for a truly fun and memorable corporate activity day which combines the enjoyment of board games with an immersive twist, you simply have to check out our Successopoly event!

This fantastic variation on a family board game classic has to be seen to be believed. A giant Monopoly board (on which ten team members move around after throwing a giant-sized dice!), a real treasure chest filled with challenges, a live compere complete with top hat and monocle, and plenty of opportunity to show off your tactical skills and readiness to go all in to win… it’s a truly wacky and enjoyable way to join together with your colleagues, and really get that team spirit flowing.

3# Lip Sync Battle

Sometimes, the best corporate activity events are those which really encourage team members to come out of their shell, let down their hair, and enjoy a moment in the spotlight. What could be better, then, than a night enjoying some classic karaoke fun… but with a modern twist inspired by the hottest YouTube trend of the year!

The really great thing about doing a lip sync battle as a company activity day is that you can combine it with an evening meal and some drinks, and approach it as much as a treat for your staff as an exercise in bringing the team together and encouraging communication.

Lip sync battles get you to mime along to your favourite hits, while breaking down the hierarchies as you all have a giggle at each other’s moves. It’s guaranteed to raise morale, and create plenty of memorable and funny moments along the way!

Lip sync battles are all about doing away with inhibitions, and being open to making a bit of a fool of yourself. It’s likely that not everyone in your team will be confident enough to get up on stage and sing (or at least pretend to sing), but you can perhaps organise group performances which they may be more comfortable joining in with.

You could potentially add a competitive edge with scorecards and costumes, and make sure the senior members of the team and management get involved too – nothing raises moral like seeing a manager or director showing their vulnerability, and displaying their willingness to have a laugh alongside the other staff members!

4# Wacky Wheels

One of the best ways of organising a company activity day which is sure to have a lasting effect, is to offer your team the chance to do something completely out of the ordinary, or something which they simply would never have the chance to do otherwise. While there are plenty of activities and events which fit into this category, fun-filled racing is a classic which works time after time.

The adrenaline and excitement involved in our Wacky Wheels activity is a sure-fire way of getting teams to interact with each other, have a huge amount of fun, and take their minds off the monotony of work.

What’s more, while there’s plenty of light-hearted silliness involved, it’s an activity which really does involve a lot of skill – you need to listen carefully to instructions (and the all-important safety features), be strategic and competitive, and have the stamina and go-getting attitude that’ll get you over the finishing line first.

It’s probably best for smaller to medium-sized teams, as you want everyone to have an equal amount of time racing each other and getting to grips with their crazy vehicles. Outrageously fun, and brilliantly reminiscent of some classic childhood cartoons (which, let’s face it, we all wanted to be part of!), it’s the kind of corporate activity which will be laughed about and fondly remembered for years!

5# Escape Rooms

Escape rooms have become one of the biggest and most popular forms of entertainment in recent years. They take the thrill of classic point-and-click computer games we all loved as kids, the strategic thinking of board games, and add a real touch of creative flair and team spirit.

Generally speaking, escape rooms involve particular challenges being set for a group of people, and each of them need to put their minds together, pool their skills and experience, and make a real effort to solve the puzzles that will lead to their freedom.

If you’re on the lookout for corporate activity days which really allow you to clearly identify skilled colleagues, define natural leadership, and see who’s blessed with logical and lateral thinking, then escape rooms are going to be team building activity for you!

Our fully immersive escape room activities are based around three brilliantly tense, creepy, and action-packed themes which are sure to get heartbeats racing and the adrenaline flowing. Which one will you choose?

6# Volunteering

This company activity day idea isn’t just about getting out of the office for the day, it’s about giving something back to the community, having some fantastic bonding moments, and flattening all the hierarchies and systems of superiority which can threaten morale in the workplace.

Volunteering possibilities come in all different forms, but each and every one has the potential to really put your team’s professional skills to great use. It’s good for the soul, it provides some all-important perspective, and brings about the kind of results that you can be truly proud of.

You can also spend the day out of the office our volunteering activity day comes with a heartwarming helping of festive cheer. By making meals or donating jumpers to those in need, your team will be doing something genuinely giving and caring this year. It’s an ideal way to give your team a warm glow of satisfaction, while ensuring communication channels are open and a rewarding time is experienced by all.

7# Artworks

Even in the most uptight office environments, each and every one of your team members has a creative side which needs to be explored and opened up from time to time. What better way to do this than to get involved with an activity which not only requires your inner artists to come forth, but which also calls upon great communication and teamwork?

Artworks is a unique and creative activity that’s a brilliant way to get those creative juices flowing, and which ensures everyone has a truly enjoyable day at the same time.

Artworks is all about looking at the ‘bigger picture – both metaphorically, and quite literally too! After everybody is split into teams, each team must work to create one part of a much larger picture.

The challenge? No individual group is aware what that bigger picture actually is, so they’ll have to use their artistic talents (no matter how deeply hidden they might be!) and use their communicative skills to ensure the end result really hits the right notes.

Art activities like this one provide something for everybody. By creating something together as a group, you’ll find that your team will return to the office as a more cohesive unit with a renewed energy that makes a huge difference to productivity.


It’s clear to see just why away days and team building events are so effective at encouraging cohesion, opening up communication, and massively improving morale.

By having fun and exploring new skills with your team members and co-workers, you’re not only giving them a break from the monotony of their working environment, you’re giving them a chance to let their hair down and truly shine in a totally new setting.

Here at Eventwise, we love helping companies set up activity days, and always hear fantastic feedback about how they boost the energy of the workplace and lead to great results. We always go the extra mile to ensure success, and that’s why we’re considered a top-notch provider in the events industry.

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