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8 Corporate Team Building Ideas

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Every business knows how important it is to strive for success. It doesn’t just depend on the quality of work produced, it also depends on the overall teamwork of your employees. Creating a unified workforce whao shares the same common goals is crucial for every business, it allows employees to stay focused and provide support to each other when necessary.

With this in mind, employees need to be refreshed on these shared goals and values. One of the best ways to re-implement this is through arranging corporate team away days which involve various team building activities.

Corporate team away day activities allow people to reconnect and show off their strongest skills and combine these skills with their employees.

1. Icebreakers

The beginning of any corporate team building day can be awkward enough, especially when employees are put into teams with people they are not overly familiar with. For this reason, a really effective way to help people come out of their shells and interact with each other is through corporate team away day ideas such as verbal icebreaker activities.

Usually, this is done by simply creating a flow of communication between people. Pick a fun personal topic, for instance the worst job experience, this will result in laughter amongst the group and it helps employees learn more about each other without any painfully awkward silences.

2. Paintball

Opting for a corporate team building activity which has little speaking involved may seem strange, but some of the most effective team away day activities are the ones which require people to communicate in other ways.

Paintball is a prime example, this fun and fast paste activity does not have a lot of time for players to speak amongst each other, however it does require pre-planning amongst the team mates.

Team players must create a plan of action which needs to be agreed with everyone – this will need to be discussed in detail so everybody understands, those who listen to each other and ensure everyone is included are the team who are likely to be the most successful.

3. Smart Hunt

If you find the conversational ice breaker a little intimidating then maybe a more physical activity may be more up your street. Smart hunt is a scavenger with a few twists on it; it is a high-tech scavenger hunt and involves a lot of obstacles for players to overcome.

Each team is given an iPad which has various instructions and information located on it. Using these details, teams must work out the clues and information given to take them to the different locations where a chosen task or activity will be given to them to complete.

Corporate team away day activities such as this allow co-workers to communicate properly, whilst also providing trust and support to each other during the activities. In addition, the use of technology such as iPads during these tasks will also enhance their technical abilities – crucial in today’s world which heavily relies on technology in everyday life.

4. Charades

Team away day ideas don’t necessarily need to involve travelling far or even spending a lot of money. There are plenty of games, such as Charades, which can be just as effective as the usual corporate team building activities.

Famously played during the Christmas period, Charades is a brilliant game for people to unwind and let out their less serious side. As this game tends to only be played a few times a year, it will then be appreciated more by team players and will encourage them to let their guards down.

The relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere allows participants to get to know other team players better and create stronger bonds between each other.

5. Team Olympics

Even though many corporate team away day ideas have the main objective of uniting people, rather than having them work against each other, one of the most effective ways to bring people together is by actually by getting people to compete against each other.

Team Olympics involves a range of activities, most of which are fast paced and involve a lot of energy, such as a team relay race. The different activities however can be entirely up to you – this allows you to choose activities to suit varies abilities and test different skills.

Team Olympics is a brilliant opportunity to find new ideas and come up with unusual activities which will challenge the participants. And now that spring is upon us, you can take the Team Olympics outside and take advantage of the natural surroundings.

6. Happy Hour

In order for any relationship to grow stronger, whether it’s a work or family relationship, it is important to spend time with each other in a relaxed atmosphere where individuals can fully enjoy each other’s company, without any stresses of everyday life interfering.

Happy Hour is a brilliant way to bring people together – this does not necessarily require alcohol; it can involve whatever you wish during this time.

Another benefit of this corporate team building activity is that it gives those involved something to look forward to, especially if it has been organised at the end of the week, as this will be when people are most likely to be their happiest.

7. Volunteering for Charity

Recently, volunteering has become an even more popular activity used within corporate team away days, as it has shown to create a huge number of benefits between the volunteers. Before arranging the day, send out from the participants if there is a preferred charity they would wish to volunteer for – this is useful to know as it encourages volunteers to put their efforts together and work even harder for the charity.

In addition to this, this low stress level particular activity gives participants the chance to discuss what they are grateful for, which will ultimately create a topic of interest and the conversation will continue to grow and move onto other various topics – bringing the volunteers closer on a more personal level.

8. Cook Off

Test participants’ culinary skills with this corporate team building idea – part the individuals into different groups, preferably small as this will allow everyone to get involved in the cooking.

Hosting a cook off not only lets the individuals to get to know each other better in a friendly and enjoyable environment, but also, whether individuals win or lose, they are all given the delicious rewards they have cooked up afterwards.

Team building activities are a brilliant way to bring together any group of individuals, particularly work colleagues. The reason for the high success rate of corporate team building away days lies in the flexibility of them, meaning that such activities can be adjusted and be made into whatever suits you, your company and its employees.

This is especially possible with the huge number of activities which are available to choose from – whether that is a low key environment sharing past memories with each other or a more fast past environment involving various Olympic styled games.

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