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Eventwise has been at the forefront of corporate events since 1986. Over the years we have organised events for corporate clients in most industry sectors all over the UK to design and deliver unique and memorable events.

With a focus on participative events, we pride ourselves on our ability to improve businesses performance. Our event programmes have been created to motivate and inspire staff, stakeholders and customers. We are also completely flexible with budgets, our activities start from £20 per head, so whatever you are looking for, we are confident we can help.

As part of The CH&CO Group, we benefit from significant economies of scale, enabling us to create truly showstopping events. Comprising over 16 brands the group benefits from the unique ability to provide services for all aspects of events; from event management, venues and catering to entertainment and other event services.



We are committed to creating unique team-building events and away days which motivate and inspire our guests.

It’s what we’ve been doing since 1986. Over the years we’ve organised events for corporate clients in almost every industry sector, across the entire country. Get in touch today and see what we can do for your company.


At Eventwise we’re proud of our people. We have a team of experienced, passionate and reliable account managers and event managers.

The Eventwise team are friendly and skilled, with over 30 years of experience in the industry. We strongly believe that it’s the difference our team can make that will ensure your event is not only good, but great.

Hannah Robson

Bespoke Sales and Events Director

A little about me
“I have a thirst for events and love getting out and about London”

Lauren Gough

Account Director

A little about me

Fun fact: ‘I am an orange belt in Karate’

Favourite teambuild: ‘Crystal Challenge because it is a timeless classic and who doesn’t want to live their childhood dream of getting into the Crystal Dome?!’

Hannah Kelly

Senior Account Manager

A little about me

Fun Fact: I had the same singing teacher as Ella Henderson

Favourite: Hunted as I always wanted to be a spy.

Amber Moss

Event Assistant

A little about me

Fun Fact: ‘I have family living in 7 different  countries’

Favourite teambuild: ‘It’s a Knockout, it’s a day never to forget! Everybody has a blast and is able to be their inner child.’

Jute Ajayi

Account Manager

A little about me

Fun Fact: ‘I can fit 24 marshmallows in my mouth!’

Favourite teambuild: ‘Ipad Movie Making because who doesn’t want to have a go at becoming the next Spielberg or Tarrantino!’