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Benefits of Team Building – Why it is a Great Investment

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Whether you work in a huge multinational company with a vast array of teams, a smaller business with just a handful of colleagues, it’s undeniable that working well together, boosting communication and morale, and building connections between people is the surest route to success. That’s where the benefits of team building really come into their own, and the benefits of team building events become truly apparent.

Having a full day or a couple of hours away with your colleagues and staff members brings about a wide array of advantages, especially if you’re doing something enjoyable which really encourages open communication and team working skills.

Indeed, when asking why team building is important, the answers come thick and fast. It’s all about taking the time out to work on those connections, and to show that when it comes to your business’s successes, team efforts and working closely with each other is absolutely key.

Why Is Team Building Important?

If you’ve ever noticed low morale in your team, you need to act fast to counteract its effects.

The benefits of team building have the power to blast away poor morale and negativity, and to demonstrate that helping each other, strengthening relationships within your office, and having a great time while doing so brings about lasting effects that make a significant difference.

Companies which invest in team building activities, and fit away days, games, and challenges into their diary, see higher levels of productivity, a lower staff turnover, and a better working atmosphere manifest almost overnight… proving that it really is one of the most effective ways of keeping staff happy and working at optimal levels.

At Eventwise, we understand deeply the benefits of team building events, and have seen how even the simplest efforts and events can create hugely positive changes. In this blog, we’re going to be looking at the specific benefits of team building, and how bringing this aspect of working life into your company can really improve staff relations and the overall effectiveness of your business. Ready to find out more? Read on, and discover the benefits of team building events for yourself.

The Benefits of Team Building

# Improve Company Morale and Create Better Working Relationships

It’s impossible to ignore the importance of morale in the workplace. Poor morale spreads like wildfire, and has the potential to seriously undermine the efforts being made and your staff’s willingness to give the job their all. However, good morale is also equally infectious, and positivity in the workplace never fails to lead to fantastic results.

According to the below illustration establishing a few but important working methods the company morale can be boosted in a highly effective manner.

benefits of team building50

source – SHRM

A team building event breaks up the monotony of the working day, gives your team members something to look forward to, and demonstrates clearly that management has the team’s best interests at heart.

Following the event, your staff will return to work feeling refreshed, energised, and ready to throw themselves into their work like never before!

# Identify the Strengths and Weaknesses of Your Team

Sometimes, in a working environment, it can be difficult to identify those natural leaders and skilled communicators. Likewise, it can also be hard to notice who isn’t gelling well within the team, and who perhaps needs helping finding their place… something which is essential for getting a team working like a well-oiled machine.

One of the clear benefits of team building events is that it gives you a different environment in which you can work on identifying all of your team’s strengths and weaknesses, especially those team building activities which involve challenges and opportunities for certain skills to shine.

# Increase Productivity

Boosted morale never fails to increase productivity, and an away day or team building event is a sure-fire way to achieve this.

However, it’s important to remember that team building activities aren’t just a short-term fix; this is all about encouraging open communication and stronger relationships between staff members – both factors which can also massively increase productivity once you’re back at the office for the long term, too.

The following flowchart clearly shows that building a cooperative and well communicating team is highy benefical for every company and organisation.

benefits of team building

source – zingevents

# Help Develop and Define Roles

Many team building activities call upon certain members of staff to allow their leadership skills, strategic talents, or concentration and creativity to shine. By taking your staff out of the office for a day, and setting them games or challenges to throw themselves into, you have the perfect opportunity to observe your team members manifesting their talents and natural abilities.

Many business managers come back from team building events with a renewed vision of who their staff members really are, giving them a unique opportunity to rejig roles and responsibilities according to their talents.

# Have Fun Together, Free From Hierarchies

The main draw and benefit of team building events? Having a truly great time away from the workplace, where colleagues can let their hair down and let their real personalities shine. It’s the perfect chance to do away with office hierarchies, and put everyone onto (sometimes literally!) a level playing field, and show that even managers and middle management need some free time to have a laugh, too.

The benefit of team building becomes perfectly clear through this particular aspect, as allowing everyone to have fun together increases colleague cohesion, and often allows quieter or less superior members of staff to get their voices heard. What’s more, who doesn’t love just kicking back and having a good time outside the office?

# Highlight the Imperfection of Leadership

One of the benefits of team building events which often gets overlooked is that these days allow for leaders, bosses, and management to demonstrate that – despite what some colleagues might think – they are just people, too.

By breaking down the walls of hierarchy that often exist in companies and office environments, managers can show their staff that there are more sides to themselves than just their professional persona, and that they aren’t always perfect or incapable of making mistakes.

It’s a powerful tool, and something which can have an enormously beneficial effect both consciously and subconsciously on your team members. Therein, truly positive morale can be encouraged, and a more communicative, dynamic team effort can come forth.

# Increase Motivation

There’s a reason why so many team building events are based on challenges, games, or competitions which involve team working and collaboration. When a team of colleagues achieves an objective, they immediately feel good about themselves and each other, and focus on the fact that by working together, they got the job done successfully.

strategies to increase - benefits of team building

source – visionexercisephysiology

This kind of thing increases momentum and motivation, and that positive vibe and experience persists long after the event itself is done. Trust us, we’ve seen it countless times: the atmosphere in the workplace once everyone’s back in the office after a successful team building event is electric, and it doesn’t fade for a long, long time.

The Benefits of Team Building Events: Give Your Team the Boost it Deserves

As we’ve seen, the pros of team building events are many and varied. By bringing team working events into your calendar, you’re essentially investing in the productivity, happiness, and efficiency of your workforce by promoting fantastic morale, open communication, and closer company cohesion.

It’s a powerful force which we’ve seen work wonders time and time again, and many companies have essentially turned their fortunes around by taking the decision to benefit from team building events on a regular basis.

Here at Eventwise, we’ve long since been singing the praises of team building events, and we take great pride in the successful events we’ve organised. As leaders in the events industry, we’ve got the skills and experience you need to ensure your day goes off with a real bang. Want to find out more? Get in touch today and see what we can do for you!