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Seven of the Best Team Away Day Ideas

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Adopting the same every day routine can discourage employees from producing new and innovative content or ideas and equally it can creates barriers between employees, as they forget to socialise and change their usual routines.

Organising day trips specifically for team building is a great way to overcome these issues. Encouraging employees to take on different, fresh perspectives gives them the chance to bond with those they might not have not communicated with before.

1. Volunteering

For many people, hectic everyday life can mean no time to perform acts of kindness for others. A useful team away day activity would be one which reminds employees of doing good deeds for others – this can be done by signing colleagues up to volunteer for various charities and causes.

A volunteering away day is both good for their souls and a great way for team members to bond. Volunteering ideas for team away days can include volunteering at a local soup kitchen or even delivering gifts to those less fortunate around special holidays.

Volunteering can also be a very useful and subtle technique to enhance your employees’ abilities and expertise, particularly skills-based volunteering.

Skills-based volunteering allows volunteers to use their specific talents and resources to help enhance non-profit organisations to become more successful and to help them reach their charitable goals. For instance, marketing professionals using their marketing skills and knowledge to create greater awareness and knowledge of a charity.

2. Go Karting

The objective of team away days for many companies, instead of aiming to enhance specific skills amongst their company, is to simply take the employees away from stressful everyday life. This is great during a company’s busiest period, to keep motivation levels high!

By thinking of creative and fun team away day ideas, employees’ moods can be lifted. By allowing time away from the workplace, employees are more likely to produce higher quality work as they will feel more refreshed.

A perfect way to achieve this is through adrenaline pumping events such as go karting; go karting allows individuals to compete against each other in a fun and exciting way.


Why not make the experience even more exciting by getting your employees to participate in a real Race Car Driving Experience?

3. Mystery Dinners

Mystery Dinners make a brilliant team away day, as first of all it they’re a great ice breaker for employees who are not familiar with each other. A mystery dinner can take place wherever – at someone’s house or at a nearby restaurant. Whatever the venue, make sure it remains a mystery!

The dinner should be hosted by one of your company’s leaders or managers and should also be paid for by the company, as essentially team away day activities will benefit the company as a whole. Mystery dinners are the perfect chance for employees to enjoy a night filled with good food and great conversation, creating bonds with each other.

When planning a mystery dinner, it is important to not give away too much as it gives away the important ‘mystery’ factor; make sure to only let the employees know a time and a date and leave the rest as a surprise.

The location of the dinner should be told to them on the day it is happening – this way they can sort out their way of transportation, or this can be sorted by the organisers beforehand.

4. Cooking

Looking for a delicious company away day that’s a little bit more interesting than just visiting your usual restaurant or bar? With the help of various cooking companies, professional chefs can be hired to provide a culinary show for your employees, giving guests a great conversational starter which will help them bond and get to know each other.

Make this experience even more interesting by bringing the chefs/entertainment to perform in your company’s office; this will be unusual and will generate an uplifting atmosphere. The experience could be made even more exciting by allowing the employees to be taught how to cook and create their own dishes with the help of their co-workers, or they could use this opportunity to take part in a ‘cook off’ and compete against each other.

When organising this, be sure to choose a venue which has all of the equipment the chefs would require. Make sure you ask what they would need in order for this activity to run smoothly.

There is a huge range of team building activities which revolve around cooking to choose from:

5. Room Escape Games

Whilst team away day ideas are useful to bring employees together and allow them to get to know each other, it is equally important to acknowledge the other potential benefits which can come with a company away day.

For that reason, research into what skills you specifically want your company or employees to be better at or learn and then choose your activity based around this. For example, if you wish to improve leadership skills, teamwork and patience then room escape games could be the perfect option.

The objective of room escape games is self-explanatory – a group of employees are ‘locked’ inside a room for a chosen amount of time (preferably no longer than an hour) and are given a variety of tasks and puzzles to solve which will help them locate the key to free them.

The problems to solve can require a vast amount of diverse skills to obtain – it can be useful to identify the employees’ weaknesses and strengths and create these challenges around them, this way everybody has a chance to do well and take control at some point.

6. Kayaking/Canoeing

Some team away day activities may be more suited to certain seasons, especially activities based in water such as kayaking or canoeing. It is perfect opportunity to put individuals into pairs and work together –to get the most out of this and give individuals a completely new experience, put them into pairs with people they do not know very well.

The adventurous scenario will be a brilliant ice breaker and will help enhance their people skills and abilities to work with others.

In addition, sports such as this can also be done in large teams which is useful if you wish to involve more people, for instance this can be done through Dragon Boat Racing.

Dragon Boat Racing is essentially a race which involves teams of up to ten paddlers paddling frantically to beat their opposing teams, the intense and fast paced atmosphere creates excitement and will get everyone’s adrenaline running.

7. Laser Tag

In relation to allowing employees to escape from their everyday lives, another fun team away day idea is laser tag – a safer version of paintballing. Unlike go karting, this activity allows more interaction between individuals and requires team work.

Individuals will need to communicate amongst their team mates and find strategies to win – this ultimately will help improve their communication and listening skills. The organisational process for laser tag is also very similar to how go karting would be organised, however, both activities are likely to come with health risks.

With so many activities to choose from, team away days have never been better, especially as the types of activities vary massively and cater to whatever you wish to gain out of this day. Remember to set these objectives and goals and then find an activity or activities to help achieve them.

If you’d like our help organising your next team-building challenge get in touch.