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Team Trip Itinerary for Nice

2019-04-16T15:17:28+00:00 16, 04, 2019-By |

If you’re interested in taking your team away for an incentive trip, we have got the perfect itinerary for you! Our Eventwise team recently spent 48 hours in Nice, and whilst enjoying the sites, we [...]

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Team Building at Plaisterers’ Hall

2018-08-31T13:54:19+00:00 19, 04, 2018-By |

Situated just five minutes’ walk from Moorgate Station, Plaisterers’ Hall is not only conveniently located, it also has capacity for 600 keen team building guests! The venue is comprised of four different sized rooms, making [...]

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Eggcellent Treasure Hunts

2018-08-31T14:25:26+00:00 22, 03, 2018-By |

Easter is just around the corner. For us, it marks lighter and longer days, tons of chocolate eggs and an all-important four-day weekend. It can also mean an Easter egg hunt for anyone with children, [...]

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Pizza Making Workshop for UCLH

2018-08-31T15:05:36+00:00 14, 02, 2018-By |

The five-person team was booked in for a pizza making workshop at Pizza Express Close-knit teams are just as important as a department with multiple structures. Whichever way your company works, there’s always an activity [...]

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Crime Scene: Investivation at Goldsmiths

2018-09-05T11:57:32+00:00 13, 02, 2018-By |

BFP Travel took the entire company out of the office for an important team building session BFP Travel wanted an activity that was fun, challenging, a little different and an excellent team builder. We suggested [...]

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Standard Chartered Bank’s Taxi Treasure Hunt

2018-09-05T12:02:50+00:00 17, 11, 2017-By |

Taxi Treasure Hunt was used to get guests from their office to their party venue This month we ran our legendary team building activity Taxi Treasure Hunt. We were working with Standard Chartered Bank, and they [...]

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Amelco’s Crystal Challenge

2018-09-05T12:07:46+00:00 14, 11, 2017-By |

Encouraging cross-departmental working with a little help from the Crystal Challenge Over August and September we worked with Amelco and ran four fantastic team building events across eight weeks at Devonport House. That was 80 [...]

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giffgaff National Joyous Day

2018-09-05T12:19:10+00:00 17, 07, 2017-By |

A fun-filled summer team-building extravaganza, with all the magic of the world’s most famous big tops Having found themselves a little envious of those celebrating Canada Day, the giffgaff team decided to create their own [...]

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