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It’s not too late to book your Christmas Taxi Treasure Hunt

By |2018-09-05T14:06:05+00:0010, 10, 2016|

Celebrate the most wonderful time of the year with a festive-themed team-building day! We’ve still got a few fantastic dates free in December for this unforgettable team-building event.

Our Christmas taxi treasure hunt is perfect for this time of year. The ever-popular team-building challenge can be tailored to your exact wishes, whether you’re looking for a bespoke challenge centred around clues linked to your company, or want to communicate the key messages of your team-building event through your teams’ challenges.

Split into teams, loaded with festive taxi treasure hunt packs, and accompanied by a knowledgeable taxi driver, competitors race around London visiting some of the most memorable and well-known landmarks in the city, whilst completing special festive challenges.

Teams will be equipped with their own digital cameras, then they’ll get creative and complete special Christmas challenges. While taxis are on the go teams will be tasked with completing tricky quizzes and cryptic teasers. Extra points are awarded to teams who collect Christmas scavenger items along the way.

If you’d like to organise a Christmas team-building challenge get in touch.

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