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Case Studies

Crime Scene: Investivation at Goldsmiths

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BFP Travel took the entire company out of the office for an important team building session

BFP Travel wanted an activity that was fun, challenging, a little different and an excellent team builder. We suggested one of our favourite problem solvers – Crime Scene: Investigation.

The activity was held at the Goldsmiths’ Centre in Farringdon – a venue which merges the new and old seamlessly. The space was transformed into an Incident Room and the session was led by trained detectives. BFP Travel became detectives for the day and built their evidence base by analysing witness statements, phone records, CCTV and dusting for fingerprints.

“Hannah Kelly was always helpful in providing the information needed. The ladies on the day were brilliant and we loved the activity. All the staff bonded so well and really enjoyed the activity. It was very unique and an excellent choice by Eventwise.”