CSR Statement

Eventwise uses the BS8901 standard as a guide to making event management more sustainable. This includes working with stakeholders, suppliers, venues and our own events team to ensure that sustainable events are being planned and implemented, and that relevant improvements are being made.

Eventwise understands that CSR is becoming an increasingly important aspect of event organisation. We are sensitive to CSR requirements, and focus on creating events which adhere to a client’s own CSR objectives, as well as our own.

Monitoring and Control:

The Concerto Group has a Green committee which meets quarterly to review events and decide on a suitable path for future planning and implementation of sustainability at events and for the group in general.

Our Commitment to Sustainable Event Management:

1. We recycle all our paper, cardboard, cartridges, glass and plastic.

2. We use energy efficient light bulbs and ensure we are energy efficient with all electrical appliances.

3. We, together with our parent company The Concerto Group, raise money for a nominated charity on an annual basis.

If you would like more information on how we can work with you to make your conference or event more sustainable or BS8901 compliant, then please do not hesitate to contact us on 0845 437 9432.

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