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Case Studies

Diageo’s Festival of Colour

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Our bespoke team created a unique event at the V&A for the drinks giant

The festival was given its inspiration from the well-known Holi Festival of Colour, the ancient Hindu religious festival which was originally celebrated in South Asia, but has now been adopted by a range of countries.

The theming and creative directions during the event were led by Eventwise and FullCircle, whilst they were prioritized with this, Create covered the evening’s innovative menu. The end result of the event displayed a mixture of blinding colour, tastes and sound designed to re-present each of Diageo’s brands – and a truly individual bespoke event.

Guests didn’t need to wait to be wowed at this festival, instead this wow factor started very early on, with silt walkers dressed as birds of paradise greeting guests at the entrance of the the Victoria and Albert Museum in South Kensington.

After guests were warmly greeted they would soon realise the excitement wouldn’t end there, this time guests would be amazed by the array of striking colours and décor displayed throughout the venue – setting the scene for the night ahead. Design features which were included were bright and bold – these were complimented by striking – oral displays and imaginative focal points.

Much of the evening was tailored to compliment both the event space and Diageo’s branding, which helped keep the guests guessing as they explored the museum’s famous galleries. Mask ensured continuity remained throughout the theming of the event, with each and every space being cloaked in bright, rainbow hues.

After walking through a bespoke sky of bird’s corridor, guests would find the gardens which had been transformed into an unforgettable festival and party space. With the help of exotic plants, bright canopies and luxurious furnishings a party paradise was created in the heart of Kensington. This was made even more exciting when the dazzling dance act performed.

The menu produced by Create was based around bold, fresh tastes and was served in true Holi Festival style – on striking, bright tableware. After guests indulged the delicious main course, they were invited into the ‘Sugar Factory’, where all their childhood favourites awaited.

Joining forces with Create and Fullcircle this event showcased the full might of the Concerto Group.