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Disco Dodgeball

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Retro music, costumes and dodgeball – the ultimate summertime team building

A recent summer team-building event kicked off with a drinks reception and a game of football, as guests enjoyed some nostalgic throwback music.

Once teams were chosen, guests began a relay challenge. Teams picked up fancy dress items along the way, as they danced along to disco music. Then it was time for disco dodgeball – that’s dodgeball, with added disco!

When a winner had been decided, it was the turn of the second two teams, before guests enjoyed a BBQ feast in the sunshine. Once everyone was refueled and raring to go, our team brought out ‘beer goggles’, encouraging guests to get involved in a mini race that soon got competitive.

It was then time for bubble football, a great team-building challenge which sees guests attempt a game of football from within a giant inflatable ball. The last person standing was our winner, and the rest of the audience found the game hilarious!


Throughout the day the music was loud and the drinks were flowing – a great day of summer team-building.