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Discover your bespoke fragrance

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We are very excited about the launch of our latest activity, bound to get your senses tingling! The Perfume Masterclass is the newest addition to our activity portfolio, and the Eventwise Team were lucky enough to trial this activity, and make our own signature scents before deciding whether we thought our clients would like it. Spoiler alert – we know you’re going to love it!

The Perfume Masterclass started with an introduction, whereby we found out everything we would need to know about the processes, who had been involved in the making of the fragrance blends we’d be mixing, and how we would go about creating our own.

There were three steps to the perfume making; you start by smelling the base note. This is generally the strongest smell, and the one that lasts the longest. After that, we smelt the medium scents, and then the top scent. We then went through and picked a variety of scents from each category to match together to make our own signature scent. Note, you did not have to limit yourself to one of each (base, medium and top) nor did you have to take from all of these categories.

In total, there are 21 different fragrance blends which you can mix to create your own scent, and not each had to be added in equal parts. This means that the amount of different scents which could be created is inconceivable.

After you have created your scent, you can choose which size you would like it in, they offer atomisers at a range of sizes starting at 5ml. Better yet, once you have formulated your scent, it goes into the ‘library of scents’ whereby you can re-order at any time you wish when you run out!

This activity was a great fun and perfect for any occasion. It would make the ideal activity for Corporate Christmas Parties, so that each of your guests would be able to take their own scent home as a Christmas present.

FUN FACT: did you know that coffee beans are used as a palette cleanser when it comes to smell? Between each of the fragrance tastings we smelt a small bag of coffee beans to clear our nose, ready for the next scent!