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Eggcellent Treasure Hunts

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Easter is just around the corner. For us, it marks lighter and longer days, tons of chocolate eggs and an all-important four-day weekend. It can also mean an Easter egg hunt for anyone with children, or those reliving their youth.

We love an Easter egg hunt, especially ones which involve clues and puzzles to solve before moving on to the next stage. The humble Easter egg hunt is a true problem solver. It gets your brain ticking and legs moving – pretty important after a mountain of chocolate! Here are our top tips to plan your own Easter egg hunt.


  1. Choose your location

Gardens are always first point of call, but if it’s raining, or your garden is small, or you don’t want some treading over your prize-winning azaleas, then it might not work.

Eggcellent Treasure Hunts - Eventwise


The office Easter egg hunt is proving very popular and is a fun thing to do on the Thursday afternoon before Easter and a great team building activity. Just make sure you have the office manager on-board!


  1. Chocolate or prizes… or both?

Traditionally you’ll pick up chocolate eggs along the way. But you could set the challenge of solving all the clues first and then have a winning prize at the end of the hunt. Alcohol or hampers always go down a treat!


  1. Think of your puzzles and challenges

Do this in advance. There’s nothing worse than scribbling down illogical puzzles on post-its 5 minutes before everyone’s due to start the hunt.

These can be questions about employees (who’s the newest person to join and when is their birthday), company policies (not always exciting, but a little more testing), location related (go to the fire safety point for your next clue), or just plain silly (the first person to create a Boomerang, post on Instagram and receive 10 likes).

puzzles and challenges - Eventwise


  1. Rules

If you don’t want people cheating or stealing someone else’s egg stash, make some rules! If you do want utter carnage, reward people for creative cheating!


If, like us, you can’t get enough of an Easter egg hunt, you’ll love all our team building treasure hunts. We have over 30 years’ in the team building business, so you could say we’re pros… Choose from the legendary taxi treasure hunt, or go back to basics on foot and learn things about your city you never knew. Contact us to find out more.