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Project Description

Christmas Cupcake

Unleash your creative side with this festive version of “The Apprentice”!

Similar to the challenge seen on “The Apprentice”, teams must invent a new brand of cakes. In our “Christmas Special” version, team cupcakes must be fabulously festive!

Teams begin by inventing their new cupcakes. With a wide range of ingredients and tools available, teams can let their imaginations run wild. Teams then develop their cupcake brand with a catchy name, design packaging.

Ingredients and packaging materials are priced, so teams will need to keep an eye on costs. Teams then pitch their product, brand and marketing strategy in a presentation to the judges and, as a fun finale, teams perform their own advert!




We can come to you

Lasts between
2-3 hours


The Package

Cupcakes and ingredients
Cake decorating and sugar crafting tools
Cake boxes and bags
Table cover, gloves, aprons and chef hats
Eventwise travel and subsistence
£20m Public and Product Liability Insurance


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