Cocktail Challenge

Indoor team building activity, available across London and the UK

Skills Learnt:

Shared experiences, learning, fun


General Overview:

Who doesn’t love a cocktail? The Cocktail Challenge is the perfect team building activity for everyone.

This unique event works perfectly as a post or pre dinner activity, allowing guests to express their creative side whilst enjoying themselves. The Cocktail Challenge enables guests to build social relationships in a fun and enthralling atmosphere, while you learn the art of different cocktails.

The Cocktail Challenge can include some of the following elements:


Classic Cocktails
Guests will have all the ingredients to mix a range of famous classics, together with full instruction and demonstrations from our expert of course!

Champagne Cocktails
To add an extra level of panache guests are asked to design and prepare a new Champagne cocktail.

Single Ingredient Event
A demonstration on how you can create a number of wonderful cocktails from the contents of the average household drinks cabinet.

Cocktail Quiz
A quick quiz which can be used as a separate item or to punctuate the other sessions.

Layering Challenge
The art of layering one ingredient on top of another. Guests will learn the skills to layer numerous ingredients to create visually stunning cocktails.

Team Cocktail Challenge
Using knowledge learned from other sessions teams are asked to create their own cocktail which represents their team or company.


The Package:

  • Event concept and design
  • Professional instructors
  • Pre-event meetings
  • Site visits
  • Pre-event co-ordination of all suppliers
  • Management of total event on the day
  • Event manager on site throughout
  • Experienced event personnel
  • eventwise travel and subsistence
  • £10 million public and product liability insurance


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