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Project Description

Cocktail Challenge

Learn the tricks of the mixology trade

This cocktail making workshop allows guests to create their own concoctions, as well as learning the classics. This team building activity works well pre-dinner, post-dinner, or as a stand-alone event. Guests will be taught techniques and awarded prizes.

Everyone will be given a cocktail on arrival before the challenge is set. When the teams have been decided, they will go head-to-head making cocktails where they will be tested on speed, accuracy and taste. Finally each team will be given a mystery ingredient and asked to create their own signature cocktail.

All cocktails will be made from masterclass workstations.




We can come to you

Lasts between
2-3 hours


The Package

Event concept and design
Professional instructors
All ingredients and equipment supplied
Masterclass workstation
Eventwise travel and subsistence
Event management
£20m Public and Product Liability Insurance


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