Conference Energisers

See the positive impact that an interactive ‘up-on-your-feet’ exercise has on productivity

Rather than inflicting death-by-PowerPoint on your delegates, we have created several short and sharp energising activities to fit perfectly into any event programme. Used over the course of the day they keep people mentally sharp and maximise the conference itself.

For years, we have seen the positive impact that an interactive ‘up-on-your-feet’ exercise has on productivity, and believe that they are paramount to a successful and enjoyable day.

Human Bingo (15 mins)

Provide us we a fact about everyone in your team and a name. The group must then circulate the room to find a name for all the facts on their sheet and call bingo.

Knowing me, knowing you (15 mins)

The senior managers will be on stage, the presenter will read out a funny fact. The audience has to vote who they think it is. The presenter then gets to the bottom of the story.

Many more options available

The Package:

  • Experienced compere
  • All equipment and staffing
  • Dedicated event manager
  • Eventwise travel and subsistence
  • Event management
  • £20m Public and Product Liability Insurance
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