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Project Description

Dragon Boat Racing

Row, row, row your boat… madly and quickly in a lake.

Dragon Boat Racing is a high energizing, fun and exciting team building activity. It requires a positive and can-do attitude only, no previous rowing experience needed!

These giant boats have enough room to sit the team in pairs, so you’ll either be sat on the left or the right of the boat paddling your heart out to the beat of a drum. Yes, there will be a drummer on board at the front of the boat making sure everyone rows together as a team!

A strong, coordinated team is fundamental to winning the race so this activity is always a guaranteed team building success!




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Half day


The Package

One boat per team
One helms person per team
Medical technician and first aid cover
Pre-event meeting
Site visits
Eventwise travel and subsistence
Event management
£20m Public and Product Liability Insurance


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