Drumming workshop

Indoor team building activity, available across London and the UK

Skills Learnt:

Collaboration, unifying, fun shared experiences


General Overview:

There’s nothing like music for bringing people together, and that’s the inspiration behind drumming; a unique chance to turn your entire group into a percussion band!

Imagine if you could actually learn to play the instruments in only a couple of hours, and then perform in harmony with each person playing their part, in time and on cue…. Well we think you can!

A drumming workshop is infectious, people just can’t help getting involved! If a sense of unity and shared achievement are important to your next event, then Drumming Workshop is for you.


The Package:

  • One instrument per person
  • Two hour session
  • Professional musicians fronting the exercise
  • Pre-event meetings
  • Site visits
  • Eventwise travel and subsistence
  • £20 million public and product liability insurance
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