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Escape Rooms PLUS (Large Groups)

Have you got what it takes to make it out?

Inspired by the popularity of modern escape rooms, only with incredibly high energy challenges designed for teams so that they can go head-to-head to see who can escape the room first!

Over 100 fun and interactive games have been created to test teamwork, skills and creativity. Guests will be given the opportunity to showcase their own talents with activities to suit everyone’s skills. At the beginning teams will receive a challenge pack which is divided into 4 categories, sports, creative, sensory and brain busters.   The aim of the game is to score as many points as possible in the given time.

Guards and marshals will be on hand to judge each game on the spot, whilst a scoreboard will be visible giving rolling point updates! Teams can complete various activities at the same time, meaning all guests are active and a part of the game at all times; the ultimate winner is the team who completes the correct challenges to find the key to escape first!




We can come to you

Lasts between
2-3 hours


The Package

Themed rooms, including costumed and themed hosts
Professional actors
Challenges, props and equipment
Suitable to be set up in a venue of your choice
First aid cover
Eventwise travel and subsistence
Event management
£20m Public and Product Liability Insurance


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