Gin Experience

Looking for some ginspiration? We've got the perfect mix for you.

Skills Learnt:

Shared experiences, team bonding, gin and botanical knowledge

General Overview:

Learn gin’s colourful history from 1100 to 2017 in 1.5 hours… don’t worry there will be several gin tasting breaks along the way! You’ll learn gin’s origin and how it shaped England. Then you’ll learn how it’s made and why certain botanicals are chosen. You’ll also learn the importance of garnishing, and how a slice of lemon isn’t always the perfect G&T accompaniment.

You’ll have the opportunity to taste several gins from across the world and the different ways they are served. Learn the difference between a G&T, gin martini and a gin cocktail.

The Package:

  • Gin tasting lesson
  • Expert in the industry running the event
  • Event management
  • Public and Product Liability Insurance
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