High roller

Indoor team building activity, available across London and the UK

Skills Learnt:

Networking, communication, collaboration, changes attitudes, strategic planning, unifying, problem solving, delegating


General Overview:

A truly networked team is one that works together towards a common purpose, with members interacting at different levels and sharing knowledge, resources and skills. High Roller has been built around these principals and provides a fun environment in which to demonstrate the benefits and process to your employees.

Each team is instructed to build 1/6th of the Roller Coaster and must work with five other teams to complete the challenge. Teams must learn to manage their resources and network with other teams to become successful.


The Package:

  • One Roller Coaster per 50 people
  • Pre-event meetings
  • Site visits
  • Experienced event personnel
  • travel and subsistence
  • £10 million public and product liability insurance
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