Ice Breakers

Ice Breakers is a truly unique teambuilding experience

Skills Learnt:

Shared experiences, creativity, communication


General Overview:

Guests are split into teams of three, each team is given a partially shaped ice block; the experts provide an introduction, a quick demonstration, then everyone gets a pair of gloves and a chisel, and away they go to transform their block of ice into (hopefully!) the perfect sculpture!

After a short break, teams are then given a collection of pieces of ice and have to ‘fuse’ and build them together to create a famous building of outstanding natural beauty. The final challenge is to build the highest building possible in the last 10 minutes available

At the end of the challenge teams will present their finished work to the group, and the winners are judged.


The Package:

  • Carving equipment
  • All ice required
  • Staffing
  • A carpet for the floor
  • Delivery and collection to central London
  • Health and safety equipment and briefing
  • Full event management
020 7378 2975