Interactive Meetings

Weaving innovative technology throughout your conference

Interactive meetings is a brand new end-to-end conference engagement tool that weaves innovative technology throughout your conference to captivate delegates’ attention, unlock their ideas and provide insight.

Using the specialist app, communicate with delegates to get them thinking about your upcoming conference. Set the scene, build excitement and utilise five curated questions to gather feedback. These questions can be customised and can include a personalised video message from your MD or team leader to encourage engagement.

Entertaining energisers create a positive mood. It’s a great way to kick-start any event and usually ensures plenty of laughter and dialogue.

Speakers can field questions via the app from the audience in real time, release voting and opinion polls, and gather integral information during presentations. All results can then be collated and presented back to the audience.

The Package:

  • Tablets and event staff are provided
  • Questions and selected modules appear on tablets
  • Meeting organisers can moderate incoming responses
  • Filtered responses are shown on the main screen
  • Eventwise travel and subsistence
  • Event management
  • £20m Public and Product Liability Insurance
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