iPad Moving Making

Lights, iPad, Action!

Sit yourself in the directors chair… or do you prefer being in front of the camera, or perhaps you’d rather look into the finer details as props manager. Whatever your film ambition, you can make it reality at this team building activity.

Each team must assign a director, camera operator, props manager, wardrobe manager, film star and extras. Then you’ll have to choose a scene from a well-known film and recreate it (we’ve seen renditions of Alien, Indiana Jones, Casablanca and Pretty Woman!)

Get those rehearsals underway, as you won’t have long before the clapperboard shuts and someone shouts “that’s a wrap”.

The Package:

  • Fun props and costumes
  • iPad per team
  • Modern filming equipment
  • Crew member per team
  • Eventwise travel and subsistence
  • Event management
  • £20m Public and Product Liability Insurance
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