Lip Sync Battle

The best live show performance on the market!

Based on the hit American TV show, guests will battle it out in a hilarious lip sync competition hosted by our comedian host.

Volunteer yourself, or vote for a team member and get them up on stage and having a sing-off.

Songs can be chosen in advance, so you can guarantee your guests will enjoy it, whether it’s 70s glam rock, power ballads with Céline Dion, Brit Pop or the latest from the charts. For extra laughs there’s a prop box to choose from, so you can accessorise your look and take your performance to another level!

Remember, fake it until you make it!

The Package:

  • AV package (projector, screen, PA System and small stage)
  • Prop box
  • Selection of songs and printed lyrics
  • 2 – 4 hours
  • For groups between 50 and 500
  • Professional compere host
  • Event management
  • Public liability insurance
020 7378 2975