Operation Chinatown

Love treasure hunts? Love cookery? Well you’re in for a treat with Operation Chinatown.

For all those foodies and explorers out there, Operation Chinatown is the perfect team building activity to inspire and entertain.

Each team will be given a shopping list, map and spending money and then let loose in Chinatown to buy the ingredients to then later cook and transform into a three-course meal.

So whether you’re great with a map or feel more at home in the kitchen you’ll need both those skills to succeed in this challenge.

The Package:

  • Treasure hunt around Chinatown in Covent Garden
  • Three-course meal
  • All equipment and food supplied
  • Professional chefs
  • Cookery school venue hire
  • Eventwise travel and subsistence
  • Event management
  • £20m Public and Product Liability Insurance
020 7378 2975