Re-live Monopoly, the most popular board game from your youth, but in a giant competitive version!

Inspired by the legendary board game Monopoly, this team building activity is guaranteed to get everyone involved.

To start the game Mr Monopoly (a compare in some snazzy attire, complete with top hat and cane) will split the group into two teams and run through the rules of the game. Each team will start with five tasks they have to complete, the order that they finish the tasks determines the amount of monopoly money they have (the more difficult challenges finished first means more cash and first in place to roll).

Our monopoly board really is giant, team members can actively step on the board and move around under the command of the giant dice to build their empire. Don’t forget each team will have to make their own tokens (playing counters)! The community chest cards are kept in a giant treasure chest and can result in more money for the team, or a penalty to competitors. You can’t just pay to get out of jail in this game, you and your team have got to fulfil yet more challenges. The pressure is on! Chance cards also mean more tasks for the team, if you win – great, but if you lose you’ll be given a forfeit. There’s no sneaky bankers to worry about in this version, all profits and debts will be written up on a large blackboard for all teams to see.

The Package:

  • Compare to run the event
  • Giant props for photo booth opportunities
  • Hosted indoors or outdoors
  • Extra challenges available
  • Eventwise travel and subsistence
  • Event management
  • £20m Public and Product Liability Insurance
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