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Project Description

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Task the Master

Good old fashioned fun!

Inspired by the hilarious hit TV Show, Task the Master will have all your guests in hysterics!

Teams will be challenged with a variety of tasks, each presented in the famous wax sealed envelope. The event is hosted by a professional comedic compare who will help to bring the activities and room to life. They will judge each round of challenges and award points to the teams before revealing the overall winners at the end!

With over 25 different amazing games to choose from, a couple of our favourite challenges include Smartie Pants, whereby teams will have to separate different coloured smarties wearing boxing gloves, and Spud Sticks, which challenges you see how many potatoes you can move using giant chopsticks!




We can come to you

Half day


The Package

Full selection of themed games and props
Gameshow host/ Task Master
Visuals, music & authentic game materials
Medals & bubbly for winning team
First aid cover
Eventwise travel and subsistence
Event management
£20m Public and Product Liability Insurance


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