The Tea Workshop

A beautiful, engaging and inspiring tea event

Skills Learnt:

Communication, creativity and collaboration


General Overview:

The Tea Workshop is a fun and engaging event, certain to inspire your team. The day is great for tea-lovers, teams will be able to taste some of the finest blends and develop an appreciation for each tea, whilst learning more about their daily brew. This event can be tailored to you, just get in touch to find out more about bespoke Tea Workshops.

The ‘Tea Flight’ workshop is the perfect activity for a group of 50 participants. The workshop involves:

Tasting up to 6 Teas ( e.g. Green, White, Light Oolong, Dark Oolong, Red, Puerh).
Developing tea appreciation – aroma, flavour, mouthfeel. Includes tasting notes.
Learn the story of each tea – how it is made, processed and brewed
Guests are able to take tea home with brand

As part of the experience we will create a personalised boxed tea tasting bowl and can even add a company logo to the lid.

The Package:

• Two hour activity
• Three professional tea experts
• Tasting up to 6 teas
• Developing tea appreciation
• Learn the story of each tea
• Tea to take home with brand
• Event Management
• Staff travel
• All ingredients and equipment supplied
• £20 million public and product liability insurance


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