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Project Description

  • Zombie Thriller Dance Silhouette
  • Zombies

Thriller Live

Embrace your inner zombie

This incredibly fun and theatrical activity allows your team to transform into singing and dancing Zombies for the day.

The activity will begin with you and your guests being shown the original Thriller video to inspire you and get you in the mood for the rest of the day. You will then be given the opportunity to learn a section of the choreography, ready for your performance later.

Next, the transformation will begin, the bit many of our guests get most excited about. A Costume and make-up artist will transform your team into the deadliest of Zombies. However, you needn’t worry if you do not have any dancing experience, as even the most musically challenged are able to learn these super simple moves!




We can come to you

Lasts between
2-3 hours


The Package

Event Manager
Experience choreographer(s)
Costume and make-up artist(s)
Props and costumes
Non-professional unedited video
Suitable for groups of 16 participants or more
First aid cover
Eventwise travel and subsistence
Event management
£20m Public and Product Liability Insurance


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