Wine Tasting Challenge

The perfect team building activity for wine lovers, available across London and the UK

Skills Learnt:

Skills Learnt: Shared experiences, learning, fun


General Overview:

Have you ever wondered how Masters of Wine identify grapes, countries and years in wine without seeing the label? With the unique formulas behind the Blind Tasting Challenge, you will be enthralled at just how much you can detect in wine and how quickly the necessary skills can be developed.

This unique, highly interactive challenge is ideal for developing relationships at a wide range of corporate occasions, due to the high level of communication it facilitates between participants.

Our experts will lead teams on an interactive exploration of their senses. After the show, guests are given a range of unidentified wines to taste with the assistance of our sensation charts. The aim is to detect the grape, country and vintage of each wine, which, due to our unique formula, soon becomes second nature!

You will also learn to unlock the mysteries of picking good from bad, finding the bargains and avoiding corked and problem wines.


The Package:

  • Tasting glasses and wine for each guest
  • Professional host
  • Staff with a depth knowledge of wine
  • Pre-event meetings
  • Site visits
  • Travel and subsistence
  • £20 million public and product liability insurance


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