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Wolves of Wall Street

The Ultimate Trading Game

This extreme team building challenge will surely excite your team! The aim of the day is to buy, sell, build and makes loads of cash.

This activity has been carefully designed to test the most relevant business skills, whilst also helping to improve teamwork. This activity will bring out the quietest members of your team, encouraging them to speak up and negotiate deals whilst trying to forecast the next market trend.

Teams will buy and sell shares at the best opportunities to try and reap the highest financial benefits. From the profit made here, guests will purchase building materials which they can then use to construct a corporate tower to sell for even more money. As simple as this may sound, this game has constant twists and turns to keep all the members of your team on their toes. No tower is safe until the final trading bell rings – the team with the biggest profits wins!




We can come to you

Lasts between
2-3 hours


The Package

Experienced event manager
Gregarious costumed traders
All props, equipment and costumes
Sessions tailored specifically for your team
PA system and projector
Medal ceremony
First aid cover
Eventwise travel and subsistence
Event management
£20m Public and Product Liability Insurance


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