Creative Activities

Get thinking out of the box with our creative team building activities

Creative team building activities not only allow employees to think differently and from a different perspective, they also relieve stress and boost communication and relationships.

External factors, such as stress, play a much heavier role than you think: loss of department moral, loss of productivity and efficiency. Something as simple as a creative team building activity can alleviate this and turn a business around.

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Get rid of workplace stress.

Stress is the worst enemy for creative expression, and creative teams are usually the ones that are a cut above the competition. External factors such as stress play a much heavier role in determining innovation than anything intrinsic. This is good news for your business because it is something you can actively change. Ok, so some scientists have disputed this theory, but why would you run the risk? If you want your company to be the cream of the crop with the best ideas, relationships and job satisfaction we suggest you book onto one of our creative challenges. Our creative challenges are three pronged:

  • not only do they get employees thinking creatively
  • but also relieve stress
  • as well as boost communication and relationships.

Team building and good communication is another element that is vital for companies and organisations to succeed. When you work with Eventwise you will have one dedicated point of contact who will take great pains to understand your organisation and what you want to achieve with your creative team building challenges. We take time to get to know you and your brand, to make sure every point on your brief is ticked off. We have years of hard earned experience in which we have learnt what really builds bonds and gets people thinking outside of the box. It is with this in mind that we have put together some pretty incredible creative team building creativity challenges.


Challenges you have never seen before

Exercise is known to increase creativity, so with this in mind we have come up with our famous chariot challenge. Teams can compete against each other and against time to build, customise and brand their own life-sized chariot. They have to communicate, network and work effectively as a team if they are to succeed. The new vehicles are presented to the crowd before competing in the finale: a truly epic race. The event not only gets participants exercising, but it also encourages creativity, friendly competition and good communications between teams. We can also promise lots of laughter and great memories to bring home with you.

AR_Radley098Travelling abroad spurs creativity as it introduces people to new stimuli. Going abroad is always an option that Eventwise can help you with. However, it is usually more expensive when it comes to company time and money. Fortunately Eventwise is a preferred supplier at over 40 spectacular and thrilling venues across London, that can provide new stimuli in your own backyard.

The Barbican Conservatory is certainly a space that dazzles the senses. As one of the centre’s best-kept secrets, its rooftop conservatory is a delightfully incongruous space that houses birds, exotic fish and more than 2,000 species of tropical plants, all under one decadent glass roof.

Its larger Conservatory sits above the treetops, while the Garden Room offers a contemporary space with city views – perfect for  champagne receptions after a hard day of chariot making, cooking or painting.

If you want something a bit more out of the box, how about the award-winning National Space Centre? This is bound to get your team’s interest reeling as it is the UK’s premier attraction dedicated to space. Located in the heart of the Midlands you can get people out of the office for a day of fun and inspiration.

The Garden Room in Syon Park is perfect for summer team building challenges as it gives you free range of the stunning grounds of Syon House, with The Garden Room offering an idyllic retreat, in case the rain sets in. You can also host a luxurious lunch or dinner for teams to laugh about the day’s events and debate who really should have won. The venue is available from the beginning of May to the end of September every year. Here we can put on welcome drinks before moving inside for a seated dinner, or keep it casual with an informal barbecue as you watch the sun go down.

An expert team at your disposal

We can help you with every aspect of your event so you can also kick back and join in the fun. Our expert team thankfully are overflowing with creativity, which is handy if you’re needing a boost yourself. We have ideas popping out of our ears, whether it is how to design the invitations, which drinks to have at the reception, the venues or the activities. As we are part of The Concerto Group we have the financial backing and resources to make this one of the best days out yet. We can source expert chefs to fuel your guests throughout their day and make them feel spoilt at the end of it. So what are you waiting for? Leave it in our safe hands to make sure your team building challenge is one that really delivers results and creates some fond memories to boot.