A Whole Lot of Fun

Games Shows, Bowling, Lip Syncing - if you want fun, we've got the answer

We’ve found that the more your team enjoys themselves in a team building activity, the more relaxed they become and the more that their barriers come down. It’s the perfect situation to build and strengthen new relationships. That’s why sometimes it’s best to have a whole lot of fun, throw caution to the wind and enjoy yourself while team building.

Whatever the purpose for your event we are certain to have a team building activity which will deliver your brief and exceed expectations.

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One of our favourite pastimes as Brits is to complain about the weather. Once, an American commented that London’s reputation for bad weather is more a reflection of its inhabitants than reality. That may be true, but every Londoner worth their salt knows that it is sods law that if we arrange a huge summer picnic, it will bucket down with rain. That is why our team at Eventwise have meticulously put together an exciting array of fun-filled team building delights that you can do indoors.

The importance of great relationships and communication at work and in organisations cannot be over exaggerated. This is particularly true for virtual teams, which are increasingly on the rise. In fact, time and time again, companies that are at the top are shown to be those that go the extra mile to boost job satisfaction, creativity and communication at work.


Trust and friendship

Google is known for going all out when it comes to boosting staff morale with benefits ranging from free meals to even scooters in their headquarters. To give your own teams an injection of joy, we have spent plenty of time putting together team building games that not only keep you out of the rain but also build communication, trust and friendships as people work together to overcome obstacles.

It’s not just your own teams that can benefit from our indoor team building activities though. They can also be used to enhance a message from your conference or as a stand-alone activity. Whatever the purpose for your event we are certain to have some of the best indoor team building London has on offer to suit your needs.

  • We will tick off every objective in your brief and leave and your guests satisfied.
  • We work hard to understand each company and what you want to achieve
  • so we can create bespoke days out that have maximum impact on your organisation.

Indoor team building events in particular are one of our strong points. Every year we deliver more indoor team building than any other category. So, we have learnt from the school of hard knocks how to create exhilarating, and hilarious indoor team building events that are still results orientated. This is one of the reasons that we continue to beat off our competitors. We proudly boast a long client list with names such as Twitter, 20th Century Fox, Specsavers, Standard Life and Tesco.

Get guests chatting at our sushi making team building events that bring a unique approach to the art of sushi making. New bonds will be formed as your teams learn how to give world-famous sushi chef Jiro Onoa run for his money. Guests will learn expert skills with one of our creative sushi making workshops, which are available anywhere across the UK.  These days out are guaranteed to put a smile on everyone’s face, particularly if you combine it with our new sake tasting session, guaranteed to break the ice.

Flexibility and variety

We have designed all of our exciting events to have great flexibility to fit into most venues. And that neatly leads us on the big question: where will you host your day of indoor adventures? As Eventwise is the preferred supplier for over 40 venues across London, you have come to the right place. We host events regularly in some of London’s most iconic venues as well as some much more exclusive hidden gems.

shutterstock_64778083-webIf you want something grand, historic as well as practical may we suggest the early 19th century Tobacco Docks? It was designed as a secure bonded warehouse for the receipt and storage of tobacco from the New World. Tobacco Dock offered complete security for precious and highly desirable goods. Today, the vaults offer an incredible range of secure and atmospheric spaces, and are ideal for all kinds of events, making Tobacco Dock one of the top places for indoor team building London has to offer. The mysterious corridors and atmospheric atria offer a unique location option for your day of fun, not to mention a glamorous cocktail reception to revive hard-working teams.

If you’re looking for something a bit more star-studded or just to get out of the city for the day, how about the award-winning National Space Centre situated in the heart of the Midlands? This is a UK venue like no other, with open spaces and entertainment rooms making it suitable for a wide range of events, from team building events to meetings and fancy four-course meals. As we are part of The Concerto Group, we have the financial backing and resources to throw parties far bigger than other companies our size. Therefore, we can ensure your indoor team building day will be truly out of this world.

Eventwise does not just deal with the games and the venue, but also all the extra frills and spills. Our creative team of event experts injects enthusiasm into anything they turn their hand to, and we particularly love our indoor team building London events. This includes sound and lighting, themed events and seating plans. Our job is to take all of the weight off your shoulders, so your day out is just as exciting for you as it is for your guests.