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So you want something a little special do you? Perhaps you’ve browsed garden parties, got bored of all the various buildings and have clicked on this page in search of a little je ne sai quoi. We think we have something that will float your boat.

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Special Events tailored to your expectations.

So you want something a little special do you? Perhaps you’ve browsed garden parties, got bored of all the various buildings and have clicked on this page in search of a little je ne sai quoi. We think we have something that will float your boat. Here we have listed a couple of really extra special events. Browse our page then get in contact so we can put our money where our mouth is and really sweep you off your feet.

How do you feel about sailing out into the big blue with the wind in your hair at full sail on a luxury yacht? Whether it is a client trip, or to butter up your employees or just for a fabulous party, sailing provides an ideal catalyst to improve teamwork, resolve a boardroom problems or build a valuable team in a day.


Approach your clients and co-workers in a new way

Not only will your guests feel like they are being pampered to high heaven but a race regatta is a powerful means of developing self-understanding and interpersonal skills, requiring the team to make quick decisions when mentally and physically pressured. There will be squeals of laughter as friends and colleagues take on new challenges and let their office stresses sail away.

We have a fully fledged team of expert skippers that ensure no previous sailing experience is necessary for guests to enjoy a race regatta to the fullest. Every member of the team can take part in the sailing of the yacht and its navigation around the course. This means that every member will leave with a great sense of accomplishment. Our event manager is on call throughout the day and will set courses that the teams can complete successfully so that all guests can experience the thrill of close quarters yacht racing, and battle it out to reach the finish line.

What makes it special?

At Eventwise our job is to create perfect days with beautiful memories. To us your event is entirely unique. Therefore we take time to get to know you so that every element of your brief is ticked off and your brand message is loud and clear.With one dedicated special events planner on hand to answer to your every need we can bring about corporate branding which will look great in our professional photography to help you remember the day.

The sea air is well known to make people hungry so our cateres will be on hand to create perfect three course meals, delicious desserts or canape catering. We can even arrange flights and accommodation. James Bond style powerboats can rendezvous with your fleet to take guests for a high-speed blast around the Solent, reaching areas not possible by yacht.

These sailing trips are mid sized for us. While we host far bigger special occasion events, we also hold small and practical get togethers. For us it is all about creating results for our clients, regardless of whether that comes in large or small packages. Here’s another very different example, just to show you how far our resources can stretch: our Goat Walk (yes, you read that correctly) was another very special day in the Eventwise calendar, but definitely a bit bigger than a yachting day out.special event management

When we were asked to host a charity event for International Widow’s Day we decided to host several high profile events. However, we got the attention of the media with our Goat Walk. To boost the profile of this fabulous charity that defends the human rights of widows and children worldwide, we managed to close London Bridge for the day. That was a miracle in itself, but here the really unique element comes in: we staged a celebrity photoshoot with 20 inspiring women, including Cherie Blair, Nancy Dell’Olio and Cilla Black, who each walked a goat across the bridge.


It was a fun take on the bizarre right of Lord Loomba, who, as Freeman of the City, is officially allowed to herd cattle across London Bridge. The Loomba Foundation has long been a champion of International Widow’s Day, so this was the perfect way to combine the organisations and attract the attention of the world’s media. Following the goat walk, 60 high profile guests continued on to 10 Downing Street to sip Champagne at a reception hosted by ex-deputy prime minister, Nick Clegg.

As Eventwise is part of The Concerto Group we have a 100 person strong army of full time special events coordinators. None of our competitors can offer this kind of man power which always puts us ahead when it comes to thought leadership, logistics and client service and communication. Rather than being sold a badly fitting package deal we have resources to spend time getting to know you and your brand so that we can carefully craft something that is guaranteed to knock your socks off.