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Missing Out on Total Wipeout?

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BBC news has reported this week that thousands of people have signed up for a team-building tour which doesn’t actually exist!

The Total Wipeout Tour attracted huge amounts of attention, but sadly it doesn’t appear to be taking place at all. However, if you were looking forward to some Total Wipeout action, you could always book a team-building challenge with our team. Take your pick from the below Total Wipeout style activities:

It’s a Knockout

If you’re looking for an activity guaranteed to get everyone involved, look no further. One of our most popular and enduring events, the Knockout Tournament kicks off with a demonstration before it’s head to head as teams compete against each other in a series of games.

Bubble Football

Not your ordinary action-packed activity. This hilarious game involves teams running around a pitch, with each guest dressed in an zorb-like inflatable bubble, getting the ball from your opponent by bashing into them to score goals; resulting in some hilarious bounces and a truly memorable experience.

Go Ape

Conquer your fear of heights and get in touch with your inner Tarzan with these tree top adventures.

To find out more about any of these challenges, or to book your team-building day today please get in touch.