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Our Favourite Christmas Activities

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It’s that time of year again, and we are so excited because our festive activities are being booked! Find about the Eventwise team’s favourite Christmas activities.

My favourite activity is Murder Mystery. With plenty of themes to choose from, there is something for everyone. My favourite part is the bespoke element; we can incorporate funny photos, information and fun facts about the group and company.

One of our clients booked a surprise Murder Mystery with Eventwise. The actors went behind the scenes and fitted surreptitiously into the party, by helping pour drinks and working with the staff. It came as a complete surprise to the guests, when the actors sprung into character and the murder scene was set! The whole surprise element was very funny, and everyone loved how entertaining the evening. This is the perfect activity to compliment a group dinner.


Jolly Jumpers is my favourite Christmas Activity. The goal is to create the most cringe worthy Christmas jumper and at the end, a member of each team has to model the garment. It’s a fun indoor activity that allows you to be as creative as possible and even stitch up your colleague by getting them to model the finished jumper. Who doesn’t love a bit of arts and crafts combined with a few drinks, of course!

My favourite part is watching the group model the jolly jumpers, on their personal run way in the office. The videos still make an appearance every Christmas!


My favourite activity is Christmas Bake Off! It’s messy, interactive and fun. It gets everyone involved and guests can have a real laugh whilst doing the activity. You don’t need to be Mary Berry to get stuck in.

On one occasion, the CEO of our clients company walked past the teams and poured sprinkles all over the competition cakes. Unfortunately for him, the intention back-fired as one of the cakes won because the sprinkles actually helped!

To find out more about our Christmas activities click here, or get in contact with one of our team today!