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Outdoor Team Building

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It’s been proven that enjoying the outdoors is vital to our physical and mental health and well-being. With Summer nearly creeping closer there’s no better time to be outside.

Eventwise can give you and your organisation an injection of this good health by helping to build healthy and happy relationships in your company, all out in the fresh air. Not only will your teams be glowing by the end of it, but they will also be more likely to produce better results due to better communication and job satisfaction. It sounds like a win-win all round.

We have a huge range of outdoor team building activities, which not only ensure guests make the most of being outside but also provide a genuine team building experience. Every organisation is different, with a different range of objectives and personalities, so we have done our utmost to cater for everyone.

We’ve put together a list of our favourite outdoor activities to inspire you.

The Chariot Challenge

The Chariot Challenge

Each team is given the blue prints and the building materials (cardboard!) required to create their life sized “flat-pack” vehicle. This is a fun, engaging experience that encourages creativity and good-natured competitiveness.

It’s A Knockout

It's A Knockout

This team building tournament will get the whole group going. With a great range of fun, weird and wacky games, as well as entertaining compères and experienced instructors, it’s sure to be A Knockout!

Taxi treasure hunt

Taxi treasure hunt

Our legendary hunt focuses on five essential elements: creativity, planning, choice, time management and above all, a sense of humour! The teams are given a clue booklet, video camcorder, map and drinks hamper – and once they’ve worked out where to go, they’re off! Helped along the way by their surprisingly willing cabby, the teams will discover the secret final lunch or dinner destination as the final and most rewarding challenge.


The Market Challenge

The Market Challenge

This challenge is designed to give participants a fun and interesting investigative insight into one of the largest and oldest food markets in London, as you explore the market in search of the answers to clues that test your knowledge on food and the city, using GPS.

And remember, Eventwise can also create a bespoke event just for you and your team. Whether you are looking for a day of creativity, learning challenges or you want to thank your staff with a fun day out, we can help bring your team building ideas to life. Let us know what you want to get out of the day and will put together the ideal event, just for you!


To find out more about these events or any of our other fantastic team building challenges across London and the UK Contact us.