Wacky Wheels


Wacky Wheels Transform into Mario for the day! Guests will be divided into teams, given a budget, some tools and equipment. Teams must then use their bartering skills to purchase any extra equipment they need to create a human powered kart! A kart inspector will check the safety of [...]


Animate It


Animate It Create your very own Lego™  Movie After splitting into teams, guests will be supplied with materials to build their own stop motion movies. With a choice of plasticine or Lego™ , your team will be able to create their own version of Wallace and Gromit, or have a [...]


Super Hero Challenge


Super Hero Challenge A chance to show off your super powers Whether it’s super strength, or perhaps your agility, we all have hidden talents and our super hero challenge is the perfect opportunity for your team to showcase their talents. This event combines different challenges for an action packed [...]


The Apprentices


The Apprentices Do you have what it takes to not get fired! Based on the hit BBC show, the Apprentices has been designed to test and bring out core business attributes in you and your group. Highlighting key skills like leadership, delegation, commercial awareness and of course team work! [...]


Christmas Bake Off


Christmas Bake Off Get festive in the kitchen with this competitive activity!  Each team will have their own cook station, with a mini oven, as well as recipe cards and all the necessary equipment they will need to help them create their team treats. Our expert chefs will be [...]


Ice Breakers


Ice Breakers "Ice to see you, to see you nice!" Ice sculpting is a bit of an art form, but after a quick “how to” anyone can have a go! Each team will be given a small block of ice and a set of tools to cut, chisel and [...]


Gingerbread House Baking


Gingerbread House Baking Live out your childhood dream and create a gingerbread house!  Guests split into teams to create and bake their gingerbread pieces. Once the freshly baked pieces are ready teams will need to piece their house together. Teams will then work as a group to decorate their [...]


Jolly Jumpers


Jolly Jumpers Create your very own cringeworthy Christmas jumper!  Teams must first “earn” their paints by completing a variety of fun team Christmas themed games and challenges. Once teams have earned their paints, things get colourful! They then work within their teams to correctly draw out their designs and [...]


Christmas Cupcake


Christmas Cupcake Unleash your creative side with this festive version of "The Apprentice"! Similar to the challenge seen on “The Apprentice”, teams must invent a new brand of cakes. In our “Christmas Special” version, team cupcakes must be fabulously festive! Teams begin by inventing their new cupcakes. With a [...]


Stop Frame Animation


Stop Frame Animation Patience is key during stop frame animation, but so is creativity Animation workshops are a brilliant team building activity. You’ll be split into groups with only a haul of plasticine to aid you, then it’s time to get creative. You’ll need to think of a storyline, [...]