Christmas Bake Off


Christmas Bake Off Get festive in the kitchen with this competitive activity!  Each team will have their own cook station, with a mini oven, as well as recipe cards and all the necessary equipment they will need to help them create their team treats. Our expert chefs will be [...]

Gingerbread House Baking


Gingerbread House Baking Live out your childhood dream and create a gingerbread house!  Guests split into teams to create and bake their gingerbread pieces. Once the freshly baked pieces are ready teams will need to piece their house together. Teams will then work as a group to decorate their [...]

Christmas Cupcake


Christmas Cupcake Unleash your creative side with this festive version of "The Apprentice"! Similar to the challenge seen on “The Apprentice”, teams must invent a new brand of cakes. In our “Christmas Special” version, team cupcakes must be fabulously festive! Teams begin by inventing their new cupcakes. With a [...]



Starburst There’s 100 challenges to choose from, how many can you complete? Go against other teams to compete physical, mental, skilled and creative challenges. Your team will be left to decide which activities to complete, so you can go with your strengths and avoid your weaknesses, just make sure [...]

Cook and Dine


Cook and Dine For all those self-professed foodies For all those self-professed foodies, Cook and Dine is the perfect team building cookery class to inspire and entertain. Guided by a professional chef, you will design and make a mouth-watering menu, tailored to your exact likes, dislikes and dietary requirements. [...]

Candy Making Workshop


Candy Making Workshop Are you having a sugar rush? Anyone with a sweet tooth will revel in this! Make your own sweets in a variety of shapes and sizes – round swirl lollipops, twister pops and candy flowers in this team building workshop. Learn the history of the humble [...]

Pizza Making


Pizza Making Nothing quite beats the taste of fresh pizza! Learn how to make pizza the Italian way and never look back in this team building workshop! After a quick lesson in the basics, get ready for a workout because prepping dough is not a relaxing task! Knead, spread, [...]

Chocolate Challenge


Chocolate Challenge Become a chocolate master in these delicious chocolate workshops The Chocolate Challenge is any chocoholic's dream day out! Guests compete against each other to design and create their own bespoke handmade chocolates, learning about everything from mixing ganache, piping, flavouring, capping and decorating truffles with a range [...]

Operation Chinatown


Operation Chinatown Love treasure hunts? Love cookery? Well you’re in for a treat with Operation Chinatown. For all those foodies and explorers out there, Operation Chinatown is the perfect team building activity to inspire and entertain. Each team will be given a shopping list, map and spending money and [...]

Get Busy with the Fizzy


Get Busy with the Fizzy Become a Champagne connoisseur, or perhaps just enjoy the fizz! This informative, light-hearted and fun introduction to Champagne tasting and sparkling wine is a great stand alone, or an add-on to an existing event. It works well as a pre-dinner activity, networking task or [...]