Quirky Team Building Ideas for the Banking and Finance Industry

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If you work in the finance industries, you’ll already be deeply aware of the importance of team building exercises for the banking sector. This industry, perhaps more than most, requires huge amounts of trust and flawless communication between coworkers and team members, and team leaders need to be keenly aware of the need to continually increase team working skills among their colleagues.

The nature of team building ideas for the banking industry has, thankfully, changed quite dramatically over the past decade or so. Most of us can remember the slightly awkward, ever so dull, and questionably effective team building activities of yesteryear, which primarily involved poorly thought-out games held in empty office spaces... and - let’s face it - rarely brought about any particularly impressive results. Today’s team building ideas for banking and finance are considerably more dynamic, a whole lot more fun to get involved in, and are results-focused in ways which allow team leaders and management to really see the benefit of the exercises being carried out.

Here at Eventwise, we love coming up with team building ideas for the banking sector, and over the years, we’ve dreamt up no shortage of exciting, wacky, and quirky games and away days with exactly this sort of client in mind. What’s more, we’ve been able to hone those ideas to massively boost their effectiveness, and have seen first-hand (over, and over again) the results that our games and activities bring about. Because we’re always thinking outside the box and looking for ways to push the envelope in what we do, we’re able to inject a totally new approach to team building days and activities. We love the wild, the crazy, and the unexpected… and we know just how much our clients and their teams love them too!

If you’re looking for exciting and dynamic team building ideas for the banking sector, you’re in luck: we’ve put together a brief list of our all-time favourite quirky activities for the finance industry, each perfect for highlighting the skills of your team members, opening up channels of communication, and providing plenty of that all-important laughter! Let the good times roll!

Wolves of Wall Street

Don’t worry - this team building activity for the finance sector doesn’t have anything to do with the bad behaviour of the award-winning movie, but it’s sure to bring out the ruthless and dynamic business acumen of your team members!

Based around buying, selling, trading, and building up your business empire, this brilliantly fun and involving game really brings your team members out of their shells, breaking the ice and encouraging active negotiation and inventive strategising. The teams will be spending their time buying and selling shares, and waiting for the most opportune moments to take their finances higher and higher. As they make their profits, they get the chance to buy building materials, which then get used to construct a corporate tower… which, of course, gets sold for even more money at the end! It might sound relatively straightforward, but the Eventwise team has plenty of tricks and twists up their sleeves, and won’t hesitate to spring some unexpected surprises on the players!

Brilliant for bringing team members together, inspiring them with the confidence they need to succeed, and ensuring that everyone feels comfortable together, this game never fails to bring about truly impressive results.

Den of Dragons

If you’re a fan of the hit BBC business-based show, you’re going to absolutely love this team building activity for the finance sector. Focused on encouraging innovation, ideas, and bringing out your team member’s inner salespeople, it’s a fantastic way of getting your colleagues to ‘find their voice’ and use their creativity around a goal-centred activity.

Your teams will have to first of all come up with their brilliant ‘idea’ - something which will require plenty of creativity, negotiating skills, leadership, and delegation in itself - which then has to be fine-tuned and presented before the board of dragons. With materials, props, and more available to support that all-important sales pitch, there’s plenty of scope for thinking outside the box, and coming up with something sure to pique the dragons’ interest!

GPS Treasure Hunt

Who doesn’t love a great treasure hunt? The eventwise reworking of this classic party game, however, takes things to a whole new dynamic level. Team members are armed with an iPad, and must head out into the city to look for clues, undertake tasks, and take photographic evidence of their achievements at each checkpoint. They’re racing against the clock, and they’ll also be able to see how well their opponents are doing… just to pile on the pressure, and ensure that their minds stay focused on the task at hand!

This brilliantly fun and adventurous team building game for the finance sector is all about combining independence and confidence with teamwork, and having the confidence to strike out alone and focus solely on the task at hand. While the pressure is undoubtedly on right up until the end, there’s loads of fun and silliness to encounter along the way! With a grand finale waiting at the end, where the teams will be able to have a good giggle at their opponents’ exploits, it’s a team building day out quite unlike any other they will have experienced before!

Super Hero Challenge

Every team leader in the banking sector wants to be in charge of a group of finance superheroes… and this is your chance to uncover those secret skills, incredible feats of endurance, and the amazing levels of creativity your team members are undoubtedly hiding beneath their professional exteriors!

The Eventwise Super Hero Challenge is focused on uncovering those hidden skills and abilities we all possess, but which we often lack the space, opportunity, or right moment to reveal to our colleagues and management. With a wide range of physical, mental, solo, and team working activities to take part in, it’s sure to reveal the incredible range of talents your team possesses, but which you perhaps never had the time to notice before. What’s more, it’s a huge amount of fun… and who doesn’t love dressing up as superheroes and having a rip-roaring time away from the office?

Bear Grylls Survival

Can you remember the last time your team was truly taken out of their comfort zone, and tested to the max… but in a fun way, which everybody could enjoy and benefit from? The chances are, the answer to this question is a resounding ‘no’! Our Bear Grylls Survival Challenge is about learning new skills, recognising how we all need each other’s support, and understanding what it takes to make it through the difficulties we face when the going gets tough.

Perfect for highlighting leadership abilities, improving the support networks within your team, and forging the kind of friendships that really make a difference back in the office, it can vastly improve communication and team working on future projects and collaborations. Don’t worry - you won’t be jumping off cliffs, skinning animals, or drinking your own bodily fluids… but you will be learning all about survival in the wild, and working on a wide range of brilliantly transferable skills. It’s a top day out for everyone involved, and one which is going to enormously improve those all-important levels of trust between your team members. 

The Apprentices

Do your team members have what it takes to stay cool under pressure, put their best foot forward, and avoid getting fired? This exciting and enjoyable team building exercise for banking and finance is perfect for fans of the hit BBC show, and even better for bringing out core business skills, improving communication and trust, and showcasing the creativity and commercial awareness of your team members!

By working together in competing teams, your team members will have to partake in a series of involving and high-pressure business challenges, which will then be presented before a panel who will decide who is showered with lavish awards… and who gets the boot. Leadership, delegation, creativity, and business acumen will all be tested to the max, and it’s a fantastic day out that definitely goes the extra mile when it comes to working on a wide array of key skills and abilities. 

Survival Island

Sometimes, the best team building ideas for the banking sector are those which get your team members up and about on their feet, and feeling like their a million miles away from the workplace. This is definitely the concept behind our Survival Island away day, which works with key survival skills, and allows your colleagues to experience the thrill of working with their wits in the wild, and seeing what it takes to get by on just the bare necessities.

Equipped with only basic tools and materials, and following an inspiring presentation about a real-life survival situation, your team members are faced with a series of challenges which will test their mettle in the wilderness. To get through each ordeal, your team members will have to work as one unit, using their initiative and survival instincts to reach each objective. Friendships will be made, bonds of trust will be forged, and an incredible day out will be had by all!

Team Building Ideas for the Banking Sector That Think Outside The Box

When it comes to truly effective team building exercises that make a lasting difference, we believe that the quirky, the unusual, and the eccentric ideas are those which really hit the spot. Why? Because we’ve got years and years of experience that have proven this to be the case time after time. This is especially true when it comes to the finance and banking sectors, where we believe that stepping out of the ordinary, and offering team members a day out where they can do something totally different, can have effects that make permanent positive changes.

At Event Wise, we love nothing more than watching how teams come together during our games, activities, and team building days, and seeing how the events we organise hit the results our clients need. With creativity, innovation, and an out-of-the-box approach, we’re able to deliver the goods time and time again. Want to find out more about what makes Event Wise a leading name in our industry? Get in touch, and learn all about what we do best!