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Sensory Team Building

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Sensory overload! We want to get all of your senses tingling with our favourite sensory team building activities…

Tantalise your taste buds

Roll up your sleeves and get your apron out, ready for one of our incredible food making team building activities! The Dim Sum Masterclass will have your whole teams tummy’s rumbling as they learn the art of Dim Sum. From wontons, to gyoza, simple folds to more intricate techniques, the dim sum masterclass will teach you everything you need to know to make the perfect Dim Sum. The best bit though, is after your teams have worked together to create their masterpieces, you will all get to eat them!

Experiment with smells

Have your team experience being a perfumer for the day with our Perfume Masterclass. Perfect as a team incentive, or a team building activity, guests will be given the opportunity to create their own bespoke fragrance. This memorable activity is the perfect Christmas event, as not only is it a chance to break the ice and have teams bond over creating signature scents, but it also means each member gets to leave with a truly one of a kind gift.

Create the bigger picture            

Our creative team building activity Artworks will have teams working together to create the ‘bigger picture’. After being split into groups, each team will create one part of an image; however, the teams will not know what the ‘big picture’ is supposed to look like. Communication is key in this activity, as teams must work together to understand what the end image will look like. The best thing about this activity? You don’t have to be an artist to take part, and every time we see the finished artwork, we are always blown away!

Use your hands as your tools

Both creative and tactile, our Stop Frame Animation gives you the chance to make your own mini film. Each team will be supplied with a variety of coloured plasticines, and then it is up to you to start getting creative. There will be animation experts on site to help with the logistics, but it will be up to each team to come up with a storyline, characters, props and scenery! Work together to create the ultimate stop-animation film to show off to all your colleagues.

Follow the beat of the drum

Who in your team can keep up a beat? This musical workshop will turn your team into a percussion band! Undertake a crash course in playing the drums and see if you can carry a rhythm. We often find our drumming workshops really get teams having fun and working together to make sure everyone is in time with the beat.

For more ideas on sensory activities get in touch with a member of our team who will be able to give you more details on our extensive portfolio of team building challenges!