Top Seven Corporate Team Building Activities for Large Groups

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Corporate team building for large groups is something which comes with its own unique set of challenges. By their very nature, large groups of team members and employees have a wide range of personality types, hidden talents, individual skills, issues, and needs… and as such, it’s important to seek out team building activities that go above and beyond the usual, and which get everyone involved.

Here at Eventwise, we specialise in dreaming up team building activities for large corporate groups, and have years of experience in putting together incredible days out that bring everyone together, and open up those all-important channels of communication. Our games, activities, and events are all about forging new relationships, highlighting skills and abilities, and creating bonds of trust between employees. How do we do this? By getting team members involved in fun, wacky, and unusual games, which take everyone out of their comfort zone, and allow them to let their hair down in quirky and unforgettable ways!

For this week’s article, we’re focusing specifically on our all-time favourite larger group team building activity ideas in London, and showing you how - with some creativity, plenty of innovation, and some truly unusual events - you’ll be able to treat your team members to a fun day out that brings about real and lasting results. With our brilliantly inventive games, they’ll learn skills they never thought they’d master, discover ways of working together and independently, and have the kind of day out of the office that they’ll be talking about for months afterwards! Let’s dive right in, and take a look at seven corporate team building ideas for larger groups that well and truly hit the high notes. Enjoy!

School Sports Day

We all know that the day to day life at the office can feel far too much like being an adult… and not always in a good way. Luckily, the Eventwise School Sports Day is the perfect antidote to this, and allows you and your team members to tap into their inner child, and partake in a wacky day of classic nostalgic activities sure to bring about plenty of laughs! For large corporate groups, this light-hearted team building activity really hits all the right notes, and is sure to spread lots of smiles as you race about in the egg-and-spoon race, or try not to stumble in the sack race or three-legged event!

Finished off with a tasty barbecue, plenty of grown-up drinks, and the kind of camaraderie that really makes all the difference back at the office, this event really is everything school sports days should have been back when we were younger!

Mega Mix Fun Day

Why get involved in one team building activity for large corporate groups when you can partake in a brilliantly varied, endlessly inventive, and fantastically fun mega mix of games, activities, and challenges? Our Mega Mix Fun Day combines a whole bunch of our most popular events, and it’s sure to bring your team members together for a day which won’t be forgotten in a hurry!

If you’re looking for a corporate team building event for large groups to enjoy when the sun’s out, then this Eventwise favourite is guaranteed to the please. It’s a brilliant chance to get outdoors, get communication flowing, flatten office hierarchies, and engage in some good, silly fun as a collective of dynamic individuals. With such a fantastic array of activities to partake in, it’s also a great way of uncovering key skills, and getting to know your team members in new and uninhibited ways. 

Crystal Challenge

If you’re of a certain age, then there’s no doubt whatsoever that one of your favourite TV programmes growing up was The Crystal Maze. Watching eager and slightly star-struck as teams worked their way through the Aztec and Industrial zones on this classic challenge-based telly contest was the stuff that teenage dreams were made of… and we’ve had a massive amount of fun recreating this classic TV show in our own inimitable way.

While we don’t have the irreplaceable Richard O’Brien on our payroll to guide your team members through the maze, we reckon we’ve done a pretty good job of re-inventing this 90’s favourite as a team building exercise for large groups. Combining challenges aimed at bringing out your team members’ leadership, delegation, lateral thinking, logic, and physical skills, it really is an amazing day out that genuinely allows talents and abilities to shine. Once your team has worked its way through the varied themed zones of our Crystal Challenge, it’s time for the grand finale: a chance to head to the crystal dome, and complete the games in the time-honoured fashion. It really is a day to remember!

Wacky Wheels

Saturday morning cartoons were a key part of most of our childhoods, and out of all the beloved Hanna Barbera classics, it was Wacky Races - which featured a cast of colourful characters zooming around bizarre tracks - which we all loved the most. This fantastic activity for large groups allows team members to live out the childhood fantasy of pitting their wits against Dick Dastardly and co, and gives them the chance to not only construct a crazy vehicle, but take it to the race track and attempt to be crowned champion!

As a team bonding game for large groups, Wacky Wheels is hard to beat. By working together to produce something really quite remarkable, your team members will have to demonstrate and exercise a wide array of difference transferable skills. Logic and reasoning, problem solving, creativity, a competitive spirit… all are present and correct in this team building activity, and there’s no doubt whatsoever that this away day will be one that’ll be talked about endlessly once back at the office! 

Quintessential Garden Games

From our experience, we’ve found that the most successful corporate team building ideas for larger groups are those which pack in a wide array of different activities. That was the inspiration behind Quintessential Garden Games - an activity day we dreamt up by combining a fantastic range of challenges, games, and activities to be enjoyed with your team members and colleagues.

On our Quintessential Garden Games team building day, you’ll get to partake in schoolyard favourites like the three-legged and egg and spoon races, before taking in some classic sports competitions, and then going on to a game of rounders and a tug-of-war. It’s a chance for your whole team to come together, have a great day out, and encourage those team bonding moments that make such a big impact back at the workplace. 

Giant Garden Games

Corporate team building for large groups often involves thinking big. As such, what better way to give your large team a treat of a team building day than by getting them to enjoy some super-sized garden games? Our Giant Garden Games activity day is full of fun surprises and unique challenges, and we always love seeing the massive grins on everybody’s faces as they engage in a mega-sized game of Jenga, or go head-to-head in a massive Connect 4 challenge!

By embracing the eccentric, the quirky, and the unusual for your team building activities, you’ll be able to create fun memories for your team members, as well as giving them the chance to let their personalities shine. This activity really is all about having fun together as a group, getting to know each other in a new situation away from the office, and spending some time doing something totally different… and it never fails to make a supersized impact on everyone involved!


Successful team working is sometimes all about stepping back, and being able to see the bigger picture. For our ever-popular Artworks team building exercise, we’ve taken that ethos very literally indeed, and it never fails to impress us just how impactful and effective this particular challenge is. Teams will be given the challenge of recreating artistically - in small groups - a part of a much bigger image. However, each small group has no idea what that bigger image actually is… and they have to work together, communicate effectively, and listen carefully to each other in order to pull together to achieve a common goal.

It’s a team building activity for large groups that pulls on creativity, observation, and focus, and always leads to highly satisfying and impressive results. 

Achieving Real Results with Corporate Team Building Ideas for Large Groups

As we’ve seen, the specific challenges that large corporate groups present simply lead to more dynamism, more fun, and more creative, out-of-the-box, and inventive thinking when it comes to team building ideas! With any of the above activities (as well as many, many others the Eventwise team have come up with over the years) you’ll not only be able to treat your team members to a fantastic day out, you’ll also see how these games encourage better communication, collaboration, and trust between individuals.

Here at Eventwise, we take an enormous amount of pleasure in offering unique, quirky, and memorable activities for teams of all sizes and from all sectors. That’s why we’ve become known as the best of the best in the team building events industry, and we’re committed to staying on top of our game in that respect! Want to discover more of our fantastic activities for team building purposes? Get in touch today, and see what Eventwise can do for you.