Seven Teamwork Exercises for Improving Group Dynamics in Telecommunications Companies

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When it comes to teamwork exercises which really bring about fantastic results, Eventwise has some serious form. We’ve been dreaming up away days, team building games, and a wide array of different activities for years, and we take real pride in the positive effects that our events bring to telecommunication companies and their teams across the capital. How do we manage to deliver the goods time after time with our teamwork exercises? Simply by always taking a creative and innovative approach, and by combining teamwork theory with a set of practices which never fail to think out of the box.

Whether you’re looking for teamwork exercises for large teams, or just general teamwork exercises for the workplace, we’ve got the activities and games that can make a considerable difference to your group dynamics. Ensuring positive group dynamics within your team is enormously important, especially when it comes to the ways in which your team members get along with each other, and it’s one of the first things you’ll need to think of when arranging any project that requires collaboration, communication, and a real team effort.

However, creating positive group dynamics is often easier said than done. There is no shortage of factors which can potentially block good dynamics, and making sure that your team members feel comfortable with one another, confident enough to make their voices heard, and able to show their individual skill set within the team can be difficult from the confines of the office. That’s where Eventwise teamwork activities really come into their own; they give your team members the chance to build relationships, work on communication, and demonstrate their talents in a fun, open, and interesting setting… and amid all the laughter and smiles, you’ll quickly see just how effective these games and events really are!

We’ve put together our seven favourite teamwork exercises for large teams of telecommunications workers, for you to consider for your next away day or teambuilding session. Each of these has been carefully curated with teams such as yours in mind, and we have no doubt you’ll be able to see superb results after partaking in them with your colleagues and team members. Read on to find out more!


In order for group dynamics to really take off in spectacular fashion, team members have to be comfortable and confident working both individually, as well as in a bigger group with a harmonious vision. However, in order for this to be successfully achieved, every team member must be able to see the ‘bigger picture’ at hand. Our Art Works teamwork exercise takes this approach both literally and figuratively, and it’s a teamwork exercise for large groups which makes its point beautifully, while also being great fun to get involved with.

Team members are split into smaller groups, each of which is tasked with reproducing a small section of a much bigger picture. However, the teams aren’t aware of what the final image actually is… and so clear communication, careful listening, and lots of creativity and confidence is required to bring about the desired result. The best part? The finished picture always manages to make a big impression, and the sense of achievement in the art studio at the end is palpable!

Qube Challenge

We love taking inspiration from our favourite TV game shows at Eventwise, and we simply couldn’t resist recreating the popular ‘Cube’ programme in our own inimitable fashion! Unfortunately, we weren’t able to rope in Phillip Schofield, but nonetheless, the Qube Challenge has become one of our most popular events for large corporate groups in the telecommunications industry.

The Qube allows team members to demonstrate and improve their problem-solving abilities, while taking part in intense and challenging games that really test your nerves and working under pressure against the clock. It’s fun, it’s frenetic, and it’s a great way to highlight skills that perhaps would otherwise remain hidden. 

Extreme Ninja

Do you have a secret ninja in your telecommunications team? This wacky challenge activity for larger groups will doubtlessly reveal talents and abilities you never knew were present in your colleagues, all while having a great day out that’s sure to be talked about for months after!

Inspired by the popular TV show, Extreme Ninja involves a series of challenges and an assault course unlike any other! It’s the perfect way to get out of the office, get involved in something totally unique and different, and open up those channels of communication which are so very vital for positive group dynamics. Your team members will end the day buzzing with excitement, amazed at what they’ve been able to achieve, and excited about cracking on with their next big project as a group. 

Operation Chinatown

How often do you and your team get the chance to really scratch beneath the surface of the city you live and work in, and then get to try out new skills and engage in new experiences while being tutored by an expert? This is the philosophy behind Operation Chinatown, a multi-sensory teamwork experience that gets your group exploring new locations, new sensations, and new skills, too.

First, this activity takes the form of a treasure hunt, as your team members head out into the dynamic and colourful Chinatown of London, on the search for authentic oriental ingredients. Once their shopping lists are complete, it’s time to head to the Eventwise kitchen, where they’ll be shown how to whip up a delicious Chinese dinner by our cooking instructor. Initiative, confidence, teamwork, listening skills, and communication are all key to a successful meal, and sitting down as a group to enjoy the fruits of their labour is always something which brings about plenty of smiles. 

iPad movie making

This hugely popular teamwork exercise for telecommunication workers is always a winner, and never fails to bring team members closer together and highlight key transferable skills. The concept is a fairly simple one: your team is tasked with re-creating a scene from a popular movie (and we’ve seen everything from Jurassic Park to Pretty Woman!) using our iPads… but they’ll quickly realise that making a movie involves more roles than just the actors and the cameraman, and they’ll need to delegate tasks accurately in order to reach the best results. Lighting, wardrobe, casting, editing, acting, and shooting will all need to be accounted for, so this teamwork activity gives plenty of opportunities for talents and creativity to shine.


While some of our teamwork activities are based primarily around very specific skills and abilities, Starburst isn’t one of them! For this fun and wacky day out, your team will be faced with one hundred different challenges to choose from, ranging from the mental to the physical, and testing everything from problem solving to creativity, and all sorts in between!

Your team members will pit themselves against one another in a race to win as many points as possible, and this fantastic event will really highlight individual strengths and weaknesses along the way. The best part, however, is that it’s all a huge amount of fun, and bonds of trust and friendship will be strengthened as you keep an eye on the skills which are given the chance to shine. 

The Ultimate Challenge Game Show

We love our game shows here at Eventwise, which is why we decided to combine the best bits of many different ones, and bring them together in this fantastically dynamic event that’s essentially a ‘greatest hits’ collection of all your TV favourites!

By combining a bit of The Generation Game, a smattering of Celebrity Juice, some Get Your Cards Right and many others in between, we’ve ended up with our Ultimate Challenge Game Show - a truly fun, quirky, and memorable event that really brings team members together to have a good laugh while building those bonds and highlighting skills. In order to win, your team members will have to break out of their comfort zones, and use their team working abilities, lateral thinking, logic, energy, and delegation talents. All in all, it’s a huge amount of fun, and a brilliant way to boost team dynamics in a genuinely unusual way!

Teamwork Exercises That Make All The Difference

As we’ve seen from these seven teamwork exercises for larger groups, there’s really no shortage of ways in which you can work on your group dynamics, and improve the ways in which your team members can collaborate and get along together. We’ve worked hard to hone and perfect all of our activities and events, and we have no doubt whatsoever that if you give these games a try, you’ll immediately be able to see just how effective they can be!

Over the years, Eventwise has become recognised as a leading events company, whose activities and games have the potential to make a significant difference for your staff members. Want to see what we can do for your team? Give us a call, and find the perfect teamwork exercise for you!