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Spring team-building ideas for 2017: time to get outside!

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Preparing for the warmer months – spring team-building ideas! 

Reward your team for all their hard work last year. Give them the chance to take part in some fantastic team-building activities in the great outdoors this spring.

Why you should book outdoor team-building activities

As the days get warmer, longer and brighter, it’s time to get out and enjoy the fresh air! Spring also marks the beginning of a new financial year – which means it’s the perfect time to start motivating your team. 

  • Motivate your team with exciting new challenges
  • Help your team members get to know one another
  • Help your team develop valuable new skills
  • Give your team a break from their normal daily work schedule

outdoor team building activities

Case Study – The Garden Room at Syon Park

One of our most successful summer team-building events was at The Garden Room at Syon Park, a picturesque private outside space just a 30-minute journey from central London. The event culminated in a delicious Country and Western themed menu by our renowned catering partner Create Food & Party Design and a special trophy ceremony for the winner of the day. 

outdoor team building activities 2

Case Study – Lucknam park

Another successful team-building event was at The Chase at Lucknam Park near the picturesque Roman city of Bath We welcomed 52 guests for ‘The Chase’ challenge on Saturday, January 28th 2017, giving them the chance to control a drone and take part in traditional English country activities like archery and Duck Herding. 

outdoor team building activities - rowing

Team-building in the great outdoors

The Sports Day Challenge

Give your team the opportunity to share rewarding experiences and build better working relationships. The Sports Day Challenge, also available in London and across the UK, includes fun, interactive games from relays to three-legged cocktail races. Ideal for summer, teams are guided by a competent team of instructors, finishing the day with a well-earned barbecue and drinks. 

The Chariot Challenge

Help your team develop valuable new skills in communication, creativity and planning. In the Chariot challenge, held in London and across the UK, your team will create their very own life-sized chariot. They’ll be given a tool kit and material to customise their chariot and will show off their good-natured competitiveness by marketing and presenting it to a crowd.

Dragon Boat Racing

Why not take your team out on an adrenaline-boosting Dragon Boat Racing trip? The perfect outdoor competitive team-building activity, it’s one of the most exhilarating sports on offer at Eventwise. Each team comprises up to 10 paddlers per boat, who must row as quickly as they can down to win the game. This is a great test of communication and building relationships and will encourage your staff to work as a unified team.

outdoor team building activities 4 

Team-building in the city

Bubble Football

Give your team members the chance to get inside a zorb-like inflatable bubble that they can use to bash their opponents. Guaranteed action-packed fun, Bubble Football is a great escape from the ordinary working routine. 

Taxi Treasure Hunt

Navigate your way through London with the help of a dedicated taxi driver and search for various clues across London. This team-building game texts time management, planning, problem solving and delegation, and the prize is a delicious secret lunch or dinner at the final destination. 

The Market Challenge

Take your team to the famous Borough Market where they will need to solve riddles and spot different traders across the market. Another great test of communication and problem solving, it is just a short journey or walk from the City of London.

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