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Case Studies

Standard Chartered Bank’s Taxi Treasure Hunt

By |2018-09-05T12:02:50+00:0017, 11, 2017|

Taxi Treasure Hunt was used to get guests from their office to their party venue

This month we ran our legendary team building activity Taxi Treasure Hunt. We were working with Standard Chartered Bank, and they had planned a celebratory team night out, but wanted to incorporate team building before everyone let their hair down. We suggested utilising the journey from the Standard Chartered Bank office to their party venue, and the best way to do this was sending the teams on a Taxi Treasure Hunt.

Eventwise has delivered well over 100 successful taxi treasure hunts for clients across the UK. It’s a popular and effective choice, and is completely bespoke for each client. Treasure hunts can be set almost anywhere and can take place on foot, by bicycle, black cab, car, train or even helicopter!

The 40 Standard Chartered Bank guests were split into teams and taxis, then they were asked to scour the streets of London in the search for the answers to the Taxi Treasure Hunt Quiz. With iPads in their hands the teams boarded a fleet of London taxis, but to find out where they were headed the teams had to decipher a series of clues, with only the help of their knowledgeable cabbie and the sights of London to guide them.

When the challenge was successfully completed, the teams arrived at their party venue so they could start their celebrations!