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Should you Take Your Staff on a Corporate Away Day?

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Corporate Away Days can be fun, but they can also be productive.

Here at Event Wise we’ve helped thousands of teams organise their Away Days, and seen what works and what doesn’t. All of our venues and activities are hand-picked, and we specialise in providing bespoke Away Days: no matter what you hope to get out of your Corporate Away Day, we’ve got you covered.

Today, we’re going to run through our favourite formats for Corporate Away Days and give you an idea of the range of venues we can offer. If you’ve been inspired by our suggestions, give us a call today, and we can discuss how to make your Corporate Away Day the best ever.

The Benefits of Corporate Away Days

There are two main benefits of Corporate Away Days. The first is the chance to get out of the office, and to network with other members of the team, can create tighter, more cohesive, more productive teams. This is what most people think of as the whole point of Corporate Away Days.

Away Days can be used to achieve far more than this though. If used correctly, you can turn your away day into a way of generating business ideas, testing products, or simply getting feedback from your staff. These more direct benefits are often overlooked when it comes to planning Away Days, but can be one of their great advantages.

Planning Your Corporate Away Day

There are two elements that are particularly important when it comes to planning a successful Corporate Away Day. These are the venue you choose, and the events you organise. Ideally, both of these elements should work together to create an atmosphere that is both productive and fun.

The events you choose will depend on what you want to get out of your away day. If you are looking to build relationships within your team, for instance, then an event like Dragon Boat Racing can help to bring them together. If, on the other hand, you want to use your Away Day to work on projects or business ideas, then an activity like Den of Dragons can help to focus your team on the issues of the day.

Below, we’ve pulled together our favourite events. Take a look, and we hope you’ll be inspired!

Dragon Boat Racing

Rowing a Dragon Boat is a great metaphor for what an effective and cohesive team looks like: everybody working together in harmony, and pulling in the same direction!

These huge boats have room for your team to sit in pairs, and require no previous rowing experience. All you need is a can-do attitude, a competitive streak, and the ability to work together as a team. Dragon Boat racing is an intense, physical activity well suited for small, go-getting teams.

Recommended venue: Winchester House

Mega Mix Fun Day

If you are looking to combine a huge range of activities into one fun-filled day, look no further than our Mega Mix Fun Day! After years of experience in organizing Corporate Away Days, we’ve pulled together all of our most popular games and challenges into one day-long package.

Your team will be split into various groups, and then go head-to-head across a range of games designed to bring out their competitive spirit. At the end of the day, there is time for team drinks and a delicious barbeque.

Recommended Venue: The Mega Mix Fun Day requires quite a lot of space, and so it is perfect for outdoor venues like Powerleague (and in the Summer months!).

Circus Skills

Learning new skills is a great way to bring your team together, and learning Circus Skills is perfect for pushing boundaries. Our Circus Skills Away Day features a range of different activities, and team members will have the chance to try them all.

At the end of the day, everybody gets together for a show. This is a chance for people to show off their new-found skills, and is a great finale to a spectacular day.

Recommended Venue: We offer the Circus Skills Away Day at a variety of venues, with the most popular being Painshill.

Case Study: GiffGaff’sWack Wheels Team Building Event National Joyous Day

Giffgaff is a young company with a similarly youthful corporate culture, but they have been one of our clients for quite some time now. Every summer they organise team building events, and each year they choose a different theme. In 2018, we helped them to run a ‘Wacky Wheels’ team building day. This day-long set of activities involves small teams competing in challenges to earn ‘money’ that they can then spend on parts for karts. All the teams then competed in a kart race to decide on a winner.The event was a huge success. Over 200 people participated, and there were 25 teams. Despite fierce competition among teams, the event also encouraged staff to work together, and much fun was had by all.Giffgaff chose The Conservatory at Painshill as the venue for their wacky wheels event. This venue is within easy reach of London, and offers a custom-built team building space in middle of its impressive gardens. This makes it perfect for this kind of large-scale team building event.

Den of Dragons

A more focused type of Away Day activity is the Den of Dragons. Based on the popular TV show, this Away Day challenges staff to come up with creative ideas, before pitching these to an expert panel.

With our expert assistance, teams will develop their brilliant ideas, and then have the opportunity to earn ‘money’ to buy necessary materials and props to present it. This activity is a great way of getting creativity flowing, and we have even heard of it leading to genuine innovation in business planning.

Recommended Venue: Den of Dragons is suitable for all kinds of venues, and is particularly effective during the Winter months when it is too cold or rainy for some of our other activities. The Edwardian Blu Hotels make for the perfect setting.

Extreme Ninja

Inspired by the TV Show Ninja Warrior, the Extreme Ninja is an intense obstacle course that features parkour, rock and rope climbing. Obstacle courses like this are becoming very popular as team-building exercises, because they encourage teams to support each other and can really boost morale.

The Extreme Ninja course is also mobile, meaning it can be brought to wherever you need it, and is ready to go within an hour of arrival. Though it is best suited to young, physically active teams, it can also be adapted for all age ranges and abilities.

Recommended Venue: Theobalds Park Hotel makes the perfect setting for Extreme Ninja.

Survival Challenge

The Survival Challenge is another activity inspired by a TV show, this time the survival shows of Bear Grylls. In this challenge, your team will have the chance to learn survival and leadership skills from our expert instructors.

Whilst you might not need to know how to light a fire during your day job, the skills that this course provides can be useful in a business environment. The chance to develop leadership skills, and the requirement to make decisions under pressure, means that many people come away from this course inspired to apply what they’ve learnt to more everyday challenges!

Recommended Venue: Wotton House makes a great venue for the survival challenge, although anywhere with a bit of wild nature will do.

It’s a Knockout

Last but definitely not least we have It’s a Knockout. This has been one of our most popular events for a few years now, and it’s not hard to see why: it offers the perfect mix of physical activity, team working, and sheer fun.

The event allows small teams to work together, whilst also encouraging a competitive spirit. We can also theme the activities to fit your specific brief, which allows you a huge amount of control over the exact feel of the event.

Recommended Venue: It’s a Knockout works in almost any outdoor space, but the HAC in London is one of the best.

Still Not Convinced?

If all the great ideas above have still left you cold, allow us to suggest one reason why you should have a Corporate Away Day that we haven’t mentioned yet: your team probably deserve one. If it’s been a tough year, month, or week, and your team has made you proud by raising the bar and rising to the challenge, an Away Day is the perfect way to say thank you.