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The Ice Cream Challenge

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Brand new team-building challenge

This challenge seeks to set the experts apart from the novices, as contestants work together to make their version of this frozen favourite. The challenge begins with a whistle-stop lesson in the basics of ice cream making. Teams are given all the equipment they need, from basic ingredients to an ice cream maker, before the instructions are issued.

Teams then receive the brief: they are tasked with re-launching a failing ice cream business; the star of the launch will be a brand new ice cream. Teams must use their initiative to ensure their chosen product is exciting and innovative – it needs to grab consumers’ attention!

It’s up to teams to invent their new product, create it and launch it in a way that’ll capture the imagination of their target audience, and generate plenty of revenue. The name of the game is to re-launch the struggling ice cream company successfully in the thriving, competitive marketplace. Success can only be achieved with a great brand, a fantastic new ice cream flavour, eye-catching packaging and a great marketing strategy.

Once ice creams are ready to market, and packaging is complete, each team will be asked to present their product and re-launch strategy to the group and judging panel.