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The Ultimate List of Great Team Building Games

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Team building games play an important role in today’s business world, and they’ve come a long way over the past few years. Gone are the days of gathering in a dimly-lit and underused meeting room, working out how to get foxes, chickens, and bags of grain across a river in a rickety boat (seriously, how many times have you had to solve that riddle?) – today’s team building exercises are as dynamic as they are exciting, and as fun as they are effective. 

Here at Eventwise, we’ve carved out a powerful reputation for ourselves in the team building business. By dreaming up inventive team building exercises that successfully bring teammates together, open up channels of communication, and help define skill sets, roles, and hidden strengths, we’ve become recognised as industry leaders, continually pushing the boat out and thinking outside the box. We’re committed to continue honing our craft and launching new and exciting exercises, away days, and games, and helping teams improve across London and up and down the country.

Over the years, we’ve learnt many things about team building exercises, and team building as an overall concept. We’ve learnt what works, what doesn’t, and what needs to be in place in order for an exercise to really hit the high notes and make a powerful impact. Nothing makes us happier than seeing a corporate team laughing and communicating freely at the end of the day, excited about heading back to their workplaces and implementing the new skills they’ve picked up. It’s exactly the kind of thing that motivates our team to keep inventing new games and activities, and improving the ones we already implement on a daily basis.

Team pulling rope

In this week’s blog, we’ve decided to gather together what we feel are the best team building games and exercises in the industry right now, and the ones which bring out lasting results that make a real difference in the workplace. As you’ll see, we’re particularly big fans of the kind of games that go above and beyond the ordinary, and which involve plenty of out-of-the-box thinking and team dynamics theory to make a powerful impression. By combining new ideas with old favourites, and by putting a spin on classic team building exercises and ending up with something fresh, new, and exciting, we’re able to offer games and activities which are a whole world away from the team building exercises of yesteryear. So, without further ado, let’s take a closer look at our ultimate list of the eight greatest team building games, and consider just what it is that makes these exercises so special,  effective, and popular with teams just like yours. Which one will you choose?

Crystal Challenge

If you’re anything like us, there was nothing better on a Saturday evening to do than sit in front of the telly, and watch eager and sometimes haphazard teams work their way through the Aztec zone on The Crystal Maze. It was a TV show that naturally combined a huge amount of important team building skills – communication, cooperation, leadership, lateral thinking, encouragement, and goal-driven action – and as such, it’s the ideal inspiration for a truly memorable corporate team building exercise!

The Crystal Challenge (unfortunately) doesn’t feature Richard O’Brien and his harmonica, but this team building exercise comes about as close to the real thing you can get, without heading back to the 90’s in a time machine. Your team will have to complete a series of group and individual challenges across a number of themed zones, collecting crystals as you go. Once done, it’s time to head to the fabled crystal dome, where you’ll complete the challenge in the spectacular grand finale! Perfect for a wide array of team types, this activity involves a huge number of skills, and packs in plenty of nostalgic fun!

It’s a Knockout

It’s impossible to overstate the importance of getting out of the office as a group from time to time, and enjoying some quality fun time as a team. Our It’s a Knockout team building exercise combines all of our favourite things: physical and mental challenges, exploring new skills and strengths, and – of course – plenty of silly fun and shenanigans! Inspired by the beloved TV show of the past, this is one team building exercise that nobody will forget in a hurry!

With a massive selection of different games and challenges to choose from, this away day is all about flattening hierarchies, having plenty of laughs, and pushing yourselves to try new things. Running, jumping, making a mess, and coming away feeling positive, united, and confident with one another is absolutely assured!

GPS Treasure Hunt

We’re all familiar with the standard office-based treasure hunts, and – let’s be honest – they aren’t usually the most thrilling of exercises. The GPS Treasure Hunt, however, is a totally different ball game, and it’s guaranteed to get your team members using their skill set in a totally new way, while having an absolute whale of a time.

With an iPad in their hands, your team members must make their way across the city, unlocking challenges, solving clues, and undertaking tasks as they go. As they move nearer and nearer to their goal, they’ll be able to keep tabs on their opponents’ progress… bringing an exciting competitive dimension to the game, and ensuring everyone is kept on their toes! Lateral thinking, leadership, logic, and quick-wittedness will all be tested and improved upon, and there’s a chance to celebrate as a whole group during the fun finale at the end. It’s the ultimate day out of the office, and a great way to tighten relationships and explore team dynamics!


If your team is looking for a day that’s completely out of the ordinary, and a chance to seriously boost morale, self-confidence, and mutual support and encouragement, then this team building exercise really ticks every single box. Inspired by the popular Ninja Warrior TV series, it involves an array of fun and unusual physical challenges (including rope climbing, parkour, and rock climbing), and sets your team members off on an obstacle course unlike any other.

As your team tackle this tough but motivating challenge, they’ll see how far they can push themselves and each other with powerful support and encouragement. Perfect for teams looking for a day out that will leave them puffed out yet full of pride and self-belief, it’s a real winner in our eyes!

Bear Grylls Survival Challenge

When was the last time your team was really taken out of their comfort zone, and tested to their limits? Our Bear Grylls Survival Challenge is all about learning a whole new set of skills, and understanding how we all need the support and help of each other when the going gets tough. It will highlight your team members’ leadership abilities, and show which team members have the natural skills and abilities you need to take your projects further than ever.

You won’t have to drink any bodily fluids, skin any animals, or jump off any cliffs, but you will have a fantastic day out with an expert guide, learning all about wilderness survival and picking up a massive array of vital transferable skills. A brilliant day out for all involved, and one which will have your team trusting one another more than ever before, and talking excitedly for months!

School Sports Day

Sometimes, working life can feel too much like being an adult, in all the worst ways. The antidote to this? Tapping into your inner child, and enjoying a fun-filled day of wacky activities, nostalgic fun, and plenty of laughs with your colleagues. It’s important for team members to be friends as well as workmates, and this team building activity is all about strengthening those bonds, promoting mutual encouragement and support, and forgetting all your cares for one crazy day of running, jumping, and egg-and-spoon races!

Finished off with a delicious barbecue and plenty of grown-up drinks, it’s everything school sports days should have been when we were younger!

Hole in One

We’d be the first to admit that, while we love a leisurely round of golf, it isn’t exactly the best team-building sport in the world, what with it being primarily a solo game. Hole in One, however, takes the humble game of golf to a whole new level, and injects mountains of fun and laughter into this popular sport… turning it into a fantastic day out for teams of all types and sizes!

Alongside the fun and light-hearted golf tournament, this team building activity can also include extra challenges and games, such as cocktail masterclasses and pizza making. Who wouldn’t want to get involved in that? It’s a brilliant way to strengthen team bonds and encourage communication, while picking up valuable transferable skills for the office. Everyone’s a winner!

Cook for the Homeless

When it comes to team building activities that fill the heart as much as the stomach, this one really does tick every box. Taking part in social responsibility activities is an important part of many aspects of corporate life, and if you can combine that with team-building days and learning new skills, then so much the better.

Cook for the Homeless involves learning how to whip up some delicious and authentic Asian dishes in the kitchen (and improving your creativity, listening skills, and team-working as a result), and producing twice as much food as your team will actually eat. The other half? That goes straight to one of London’s leading homeless charities, who will serve up your tasty fare to homeless people benefiting from their services. It’s the perfect way to have fun with a conscience, gaining new skills while giving something back.

Team Building Exercises That Go Above and Beyond

As we’ve seen, today’s team building activities are a long, long way from the groan-worthy exercises they once were.They combine skill development with barrels of laughter and plenty of left-field fun! By taking your team on an away day like the ones listed above, you’re making a lasting and powerful investment into your colleagues, the way they work together, and their sense of morale and enthusiasm for their work. Over and over again, we’ve seen first hand the difference these activities can make… and we can’t recommend them highly enough!

At Eventwise, we’ll never stop thinking up new ways to bring teams together to explore their potential, gain new skills, and improve their morale. It’s at the very heart of what we do, and we absolutely love seeing the results that our events bring about. Want to find out more? Get in touch with Eventwise today, and see for yourself what our team building exercises can do!